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AAUPAmerican Association of University Professors
AAUPAssociation of American University Presses
AAUPArab American University, Palestine
AAUPAlumni Association of the University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka)
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The AAUP also states that tenured faculty should and generally do undergo periodic evaluation.
The AAUP has undertaken a number of projects in recent years to educate, organize, and agitate for the reform of what has become a corrupt academic labor system that privileges the bottom line over the rights of faculty and students.
The period of Ralph's presidency was also a time of developing concerns within the AAUP itself.
He also provides examples of reports written by AAUP committees in evidentiary hearings that may lead to the censure of institutions, but never provides evidence evaluating whether the threat of censure for violations of AAUP guidelines influences academic institutions' behavior today.
It was censured by the AAUP for its handling of several cases.
Because of its established and respected role in setting professional standards for academic freedom and tenure, the AAUP continues to play an important part in labor relations.
The AAUP points to another path that involves selling ebooks and charging for digital content; however, there are comments that commercial publishers continue to drive the price of ebooks down.
AAUP (2010) reports that the average salary for female faculty falls into the 80.
While it's just a suggestion, AAUP President Kara L.
Nelson is the current national president of the AAUP and Jubilee Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Portland State University has one, and the AAUP and AFT are involved in an organizing effort at Oregon State University.
Moreover, throughout the AAUP principles, there are other conditional statements.