AAUSAmerican Academy of Underwater Sciences
AAUSAmerican Association for Ukrainian Studies
AAUSAfrican-Americans United in Science
AAUSAmerican Association of University Students
AAUSAlumni Association of University School
AAUSAce Aquatec Universal Scrammer
AAUSAnoka Area United Soccer
AAUSAsian Association of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
AAUSAIDS Association United States/Mexico (now defunct)
AAUSAirborne Atmospheric Uranium Sensor
AAUSAluminium Association of the United States
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a quantity of AAUs equal to its GHG emissions target for a given
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These AAUs support 200 MHz large bandwidth and 3D beamforming to cover buildings, offer uniform coverage, and meet the demands of various other scenarios.
- AAU: Under Article 3 of the Kyoto Protocol, the allowable level of emissions assigned to a developed country party with a specific emissions target inscribed in Annex B.
The question of surplus carbon allowances (assigned amount units, AAUs), also referred to as "hot air," estimated at around 13 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent, poisoned the discussions to the very end.
SURPLUS Under Kyoto, industrialized countries got quotas of emissions rights, called assigned amount units (AAUs), each equivalent to 1 ton of greenhouse gases.
carbon offsets, known as AAUs, that threaten to undermine the system.
The sales of the AAUs takes place in the framework of the Green Investment Scheme which provides that the money received has to be directed to environmentally friendly projects aiming to reduce CO2 and other emissions.
would be allowed surplus "assigned amounts" (AAUs), which are
There are competing views about mobilization of funds - some favor levies (on issuance of AAUs, (4) or on emissions from international aviation and maritime activities), others a commitment to a certain percentage of gross domestic product (GDP), and still others to contributions to a new fund or funds.