AAUSAmerican Academy of Underwater Sciences
AAUSAmerican Association for Ukrainian Studies
AAUSAfrican-Americans United in Science
AAUSAmerican Association of University Students
AAUSAce Aquatec Universal Scrammer
AAUSAlumni Association of University School
AAUSAnoka Area United Soccer
AAUSAsian Association of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
AAUSAirborne Atmospheric Uranium Sensor
AAUSAIDS Association United States/Mexico (now defunct)
AAUSAluminium Association of the United States
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Referring to the AAUS Study which enrolled over fourteen hundred ACS patients from seventeen CCUs from all over the country and was conducted by Pakistan Aspirin Foundation many years ago, he said that it showed only 16% patients got Aspirin when they had chest pain at home, only 20.
He also referred to the results of AAUS study conducted by Pakistan Aspirin Foundation many years ago which showed that Aspirin was very much underused, even 50% of ACS patients on discharge were not prescribed Aspirin therapy.
Rashid from Abbasi Shaheed Hospital remarked that now almost hundred percent of cardiac patients were getting Aspirin early and its use has increased and we need to conduct another study on similar lines of AAUS which will confirm these observations.