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AAUWAmerican Association of University Women (equality advocacy organization; est. 1881; Washington, DC)
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And women, according to the AAUW report, suffer a student loan delinquency rate of 3.
For information about the event or AAUW, contact Lori Switzer at chicagoaauw@hotmail.
Any group of women college graduates (minimally 3 to 5 individuals) in a community who wish to become an official AAUW branch must first form a Board of Directors ("AAUW Branch Creation Guide," 2015).
AAUW Educational Foundation and the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund.
The AAUW conducted a similar study in 2001 and found that women made 80 percent of what men were paid, Corbett explained.
AAUW has been among the groups leading the charge for stronger pay equity legislation.
Indeed, the AAUW engineering sector data shows that one year after graduation, women were actually ahead of men, earning $1.
According to AAUW Outlook, First New York FCU and Mohonasen High School (NY) have teamed up to open the second in-school credit union branch office in the Capital District.
By looking at earnings just one year out of college, you have as level a playing field as possible," said AAUW director of research Catherine Hill.
The same day the AAUW study came out, a report by global outplacement consultants Challenger Gray & Christmas Inc.