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AAVAdeno-Associated Virus
AAVAssociation of Avian Veterinarians
AAVAmphibious Assault Vehicle (US DoD)
AAVAverage Annual Value
AAVAir Admittance Valve (plumbing)
AAVAll Activity Vehicle (Mercedes-Benz)
AAVAdopt A Village
AAVAirborne Assault Vehicle
AAVAutonomous Air Vehicle
AAVAuxiliary Air Valve
AAVAssociation Astronomique de la Vallée (French: Valley Astronomical Association)
AAVAlternate Access Vendor(s)
AAVAsian-American Village
AAVAuthentication Algorithm Version
AAVAlumni Admissions Volunteers
AAVAutomated Address Verification
AAVAdvanced Aerospace Vehicle
AAVAutonomous Armored Vehicle
AAVAccountability Acceptance Voucher
AAVAfloat Asset Visibility
AAVAir-to-Air Vehicle
AAVAviation Assist Visit
AAVAdvanced Acoustics and Vibration
AAVAustralian Alpaca Veterinarians
AAVAutoduellist Association of Vermont (gaming)
AAVAssociation des Artistes Villeurbannais (French: Villeurbanne Artists' Association)
AAVAbilities, Attitudes and Values (psychology scale)
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These facilities can be used to produce commercial scale quantities of AAV but could also be used to manufacture other biologics, including cell therapeutics, recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.
patent #6,936,466, titled "Transcriptionally Activated AAV Inverted Terminal Repeats (ITRs) for Use with Recombinant AAV Vectors" covers the use of small regulatory control elements in conjunction with sequences within the AAV genome to drive gene expression.
Cell Genesys is currently evaluating liver-directed AAV gene therapy in animal studies of both types of hemophilia -- hemophilia A and B -- which result from genetic deficiencies in blood clotting factors VIII and IX, respectively.
Importantly, this data helps us to further understand the potential of this lead product opportunity, in particular as we seek additional product opportunities in therapeutic areas of interest that are complementary to our program in inflammatory arthritis and as we pursue ways to further leverage our investment in AAV manufacturing and scale up, through strategic collaborations.
Our commercial activities are built on a solid foundation of AAV biology, and we are pleased to share the advances that we and our collaborators have made in this area with the gene therapy community.
This study provides new information on the relationship between the number of AAV vectors introduced into a given cell and the cellular localization of those particles.
GeneThera's PURIVAX(TM), is a multi-resin anion exchange chromatography system that dramatically improves biological purity and viral titer of recombinant Adenovirus and AAV vectors.
Our presence speaks to the breadth of our scientific expertise and capabilities in drug development using AAV, which are integral to our current and future product development opportunities and partnerships.
The Company is also pursuing opportunities to further leverage its investment in AAV manufacturing and scale up, through additional product collaborations, or through strategic relationships with contract manufacturers.
The patent describes AAV vectors that utilize a small, human DNA sequence, P1.
patent #6,995,006 is titled, "Methods for generating high titer helper-free preparation of released recombinant AAV vectors.