AAV7Amphibious Assault Vehicle 7 (US Army; US Marine Corps)
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The current Marines fleet of AAV7 underwent the Reliability, Availability, Maintainability-Rebuild to Standard (Ram/RS) programme and includes AAVP7A1 Ram/RS personnel carriers, Ram/RS C2 and AAVR7A1 Ram/RS recovery variants.
The primary objective of the vessel will be to carry various tactical transports for rapid deployment, including; AAV7 assault vehicles, and helicopters, as well as personnel.
Contract award notice: Total restoration and aav7 vehicle spare parts used by the marina san marco brigade
Contract award notice: Modernization and repair of aav7 vehicles used by the marina san marco brigade.
The NAV Technology Platform is an AAV gene delivery platform including of exclusive rights to over 100 novel AAV vectors, comprising AAV7, AAV8, AAV9 and AAVrh10.