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AAVEAfrican American Vernacular English
AAVEAll About Visiting Earth (teen camp and tour programs)
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Alvarez Mosquera's research convincingly shows how the analysis of rap music can be used as a means of describing the language crossing of white singers in their appropriation of some AAVE linguistic features.
The following features are still commonly shared by AAVE and SWVE:
The test results continue to become poorer and poorer into high school age, but always more so for those schools primarily attended by AAVE speakers.
This person may also use AAVE when socializing in an informal setting.
87) The data reveals a number of circumstances within AAVE in which some form of the copula appears regularly.
When linguists began studying AAVE in the 1960s, the goal was to find connections between AAVE and reading failure in order to create solutions to help children succeed in acquiring standard English.
The truth is that most features of AAVE are also found in other forms of English, especially those spoken in the South.
AAVE is also a dialect that Bambara herself would have learned growing up during the 1940s and 1950s in New York City's Harlem and Bedford-Stuyvesant communities.
This article summarizes AAVE phonological features from the perspective of phonetic transcription.
For example, Atkins (1993) found that employment recruiters gave negative ratings to 58% of the elements in Appalachian English speech, and to 93% of the elements in AAVE.
Creolists believe that AAVE in its current form is the result of a creolization/decreolization process.