AAVFAnglo-American Vulcanized Fibre (UK)
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Both the group A and B patients were followed up at the end of 1st, 5th, 9th and 12th month and presence of palpatory thrill, venous accessibility for dialysis, bruit on Doppler and effect of fistula on CVS compatibility were assessed; 13 patients out of 223 belonging to Group A showed failure in AAVF function after 1 month.
03% (547) of the patients had undergone AAVF procedure elsewhere and were referred to this department for revision and developing vascular access (Table 7).
There was no failure of AAVF in all the 748 patients.
7) The present study focuses on the failures of early AAVF failures.
Early failure of AAVF can be also due to diseased vessels and very small calibre vessels.