AAVSAmerican Anti-Vivisection Society
AAVSAmerican Association for Vascular Surgery
AAVSAutomatic Add-Value Service (Octopus Cards Ltd.)
AAVSAerospace Audiovisual Service
AAVSAerospace Audio-Visual System
AAVSARN Asset Visibility System
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As the AAVS suggests, there are aspects of cloning that are less camera-friendly.
The animals are sedated during the process, he says, and the procedures are less invasive than a spay--a procedure the Humane Society and the AAVS endorse without protesting the pain involved.
Today, we are proud to be the Golden Sponsor for the AAVS programme, which offers a unique opportunity for Kuwait's architecture and design community to engage with their peers from across the world.
AAVS devices will train aircrews that operate the Army's UH-60A/L Black Hawk, CH-47D Chinook, AH-64D Apache Longbow and OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter platforms.
Also included in the award is funding to continue engineering and logistic support for the PM AAVS.
Jauroyou had similar responsibilities in his prior role as sales manager for AAVS Asia, a subsidiary of systems integrator Advanced Audio Video Systems.