AAVSOAmerican Association of Variable Star Observers (aka American Association of Variable Stars Observers)
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5 207 Data on type, magnitude range and period are from the AAVSO Variable Star Index.
Charts for ROP targets are available from the VSS chart curator John Toone, the BAAVSS web pages and the Variable Star Plotter for the AAVSO.
Henden, A, et al, 2009, "The AAVSO CCD Observing Manual", e-Print: AAVSO(2009), 23.
While photometrists have provided a very well observed lightcurve, see for example the AAVSO Light Curve Generator, (1) for the first time amateurs equipped with spectrographs have also contributed many observations.
Submission of observations to AAVSO has been hindered by the change in the software platform that AAVSO has made.
He used AstPhot32 software from Stefano Mottola and selected suitable reference stars taken from the AAVSO APASS online catalogue in each of the three fields that I had used.
At the age of 87 and after seven major operations since his 70th birthday, he has now hung up his eyepieces, after contributing more than 19 000 observations to the AAVSO data base in a period stretching from 1986 to 2010.
Margaret Streamer wishes to thank the AAVSO for the loan of the SBIG 402 camera used to collect her data.
In the late 1970s variable stars were observed, mostly for the AAVSO.
Mike Saladyga (AAVSO) provided copies from the AAVSO archives of Gore's observations of W Cygni that he had sent to Yendell.
The following observations were submitted to the AAVSO database during the 2009 observation year.
A number of these preliminary sequences were later updated by efforts undertaken by Mike Simonsen and the AAVSO chart team.