AAVSOAmerican Association of Variable Star Observers (aka American Association of Variable Stars Observers)
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To acknowledge and celebrate his contribution, the AAVSO organized a special award in the form of a plaque which was handed over to Jannie at an informal tea party at his home on 25 February 2012.
Images were dark-subtracted and flat-fielded prior to being measured using differential aperture photometry relative to the AAVSO V-band sequence 3540opa.
Even before de Roy's and Lindley's visit to AAVSO headquarters, there was already a strong link between the BAA VSS and the AAVSO.
The overall lightcurve of the outburst is shown in Figure 1, based on the authors' photometry, supplemented with data from the AAVSO International Database (10) and CRTS.
He contributed 14 582 observations (14 578 visual and 4 PEP observations) to the AAVSO International Database during the period 24 January 1977-11 Apr 2004.
Work is also being undertaken to share data with the AAVSO.
67) The AAVSO Recorder, Leon Campbell (1881-1951) (Figure 10), responded by agreeing that there were indeed some merits to the proposal, but he commented that in practice 'it will be difficult to get some of our observers to give up some of their old familiar friends and pets'.
All you really need is a DSLR camera and instructions in the new AAVSO DSLR Observing Manual, which starts at the beginner level.
Charts with a sequence can be obtained from the AAVSO website http://www.
He has received certificate awards from the AAVSO, ALPO, CV-Helios and the Solar Observers' Society.
8, IM) and no further observations in the intervening period exist in the AAVSO International Database.
The big difference between this nova and earlier ones is the large contingent of amateur spectroscopists," says AAVSO director Arne Henden.