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AAWAssociation for the Advancement of Women (est. 1873)
AAWAn Association of Writers
AAWAverage Annual Wage (finance statistic)
AAWAmerican Association of Woodturners
AAWAd-Aware (software)
AAWAmerican Autowire (Bellmawr, NJ)
AAWAnti-Air Warfare
AAWArizona American Water
AAWAll Age Worship
AAWActive Aeroelastic Wing
AAWAs A Writer
AAWApplication Approval Workflow (software)
AAWAmerican Association of Webmasters
AAWAlliance for Arab Women
AAWArmy Acquisition Workforce
AAWAntiaircraft Warfare
AAWAir to Air Weapons
AAWAll Access Wrestling
AAWAdvertising Association of the West
AAWAir Acetylene Welding
AAWAeromedical Airlift Wing
AAWAccident At Work (insurance)
AAWAsian Auction Week (Hong Kong)
AAWAverage Accumulators of Wealth
AAWArtists Alive and Well, Inc. (Texas)
AAWAirfield Attack Weapon
AAWAdvanced Attack Weapon
AAWAlberta Amateur Winemakers Guild (Canada)
AAWAnti-aircraft Automatic Weapon
AAWAmerican Atheist Women
AAWAir-to-Aiir Warfare
AAWAEGIS Antiair Warfare
AAWAdvanced Analysts' Workstation
AAWArlequin Art Works (French pet portrait company)
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From small beginnings two years ago, the AAW has grown rapidly to the point where it now embraces about a dozen groups at locations throughout the Midlands, including Coventry, Birmingham, Stratford, Kenilworth, Wolverhampton, Cannock, Tamworth, Leicester, Worcester, Henley in Arden and Solihull.
In the wake of last week's debacle, the biggest concern for the AAW is that public confidence will have been further dented when it comes to athletics and that those external organisations who gave their support to the fledgling meeting might view future AAW approaches with less sympathy.
Purifoy also began evaluation of the inboard and outboard leading-edge flaps used in AAW research.
And now the AAW are now banking on him as a medal prospect in Manchester, allowing him to compete for a place in their 34-strong team.
The primary AAW tasks include detecting and tracking airborne vehicles, identifying the type and nationality of the vehicle, identifying the intent of the vehicle, and responding to the vehicle according to its identity and intent.
The licences of AAW Contract Services, JDSS and EU Labour were revoked, the authority announced.
Birds do it,'' said Denis Bessette, NASA's AAW project manager.
But Jackson - who has told Wales on Sunday that he DOES want to run for Wales in Manchester - could still be asked to wear the red vest if the AAW and the Commonwealth Games Council give such a situation the green light.
Robert Gubitosi of AAW states, "This acquisition makes AAMI a force to be reckoned with.
China's naval modernization raises potential issues for Congress concerning the role of China in Department of Defense (DOD) and Navy planning; the size of the Navy; the Pacific Fleet's share of the Navy; forward homeporting of Navy ships in the Western Pacific; the number of aircraft carriers, submarines, and ASW-capable platforms; Navy missile defense, air-warfare, AAW, ASW, and mine warfare programs; Navy computer network security; and EMP hardening of Navy systems.