AAWCAfrican American Web Connection
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Commander
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Coordinator
AAWCAirport Authority of Washoe County (Nevada)
AAWCAlamo Area Whippet Club (Texas)
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Center
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The Deputy Administrator of CAAC, Mr Wang Zhiqing, said the establishment of the AAWC by the Mainland and Hong Kong will enhance their capability of aviation weather service, and boost the further development of civil aviation.
The Deputy Administrator of CMA, Ms Jiao Meiyan, said the setting up of the AAWC is a milestone in international aviation weather service.
The three parties expect that the capability and service level of aviation meteorology for the Mainland and the Asian region will be fully upgraded through the co-operation, which will in turn lay the foundation for developing the AAWC into a world area forecasting centre.
While AAWC is a membership organization comprised of many types of healthcare providers and other professionals in the wound care field, those from the public who support AAWC's cause are invited to join free as a patient, lay-caregiver or advocate/supporter.
An AAWC website team has been created and is comprised of leaders in the field of wound care, who volunteer their service.
Brent Mills, director of the AAWC, and Maria McGuire, Dean of the College, will welcome the students, said a spokeswoman.
The AAWC provides students with an up-to-date faculty, equipment and laboratories to ensure success in their programme of choice, she said, adding that the college would commence for all new and returning students on Sunday August 31.
She is a former recipient of the AAWC Distinguished Member Award for her leadership as Co-Chair of the Government and Regulatory Affairs Task Force and for her work on this Task Force's first major project, development of an Evidence Based Algorithm for Venous Ulcer Care.
This exhibit provides exposure to the American Academy of Wound Care (AAWC), and to meet with AAWC members for research and development strategies for greater access to the wound care market.
AAWCs are instructed to identify unknown air tracks before they reach a 50-nautical-mile (NM; 92.