AAWGAirworthiness Assurance Working Group
AAWGAccess and Affordability Working Group (Oregon State Board of Higher Education)
AAWGAeromedical Airlift Wing
AAWGAssessment Administration Working Group (UK)
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The central office multiplexer and the remote node were designed around a 50 GHz C-band AAWG and integrate the necessary WDM filters to enable single fiber operation.
Strahl told AAWG participants it is meant to increase Metis participation in the resource and energy sectors.
POINTek's current athermal AWG family of product includes 16-Ch 200GHz AAWG (semi-flat top type both for WDM-PON FTTP application and DWDM, ROADM, Metro, and CATV applications), 32-Ch 100 GHz AAWG (Gaussian type for WDM-PON FTTx application), 40-Ch 100GHz AAWG (all types for DWDM, ROADM, Metro.