AAWPAustralian Association of Writing Programs (est. 1996)
AAWPAmerican Association for Women Podiatrists (medical group)
AAWPAmerican Academy of Wedding Professionals
AAWPAmerican Association of Working People
AAWPAnalytical Active Worm Propagation
AAWPAll Africa Women for Peace (Johannesburg, South Africa)
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Margins and Mainstreams: Refereed conference papers of the 14th Annual AAWP Conference, 2009.
The filter packs comprised of a particle filter (Millipore, 47 mm, AAWP, pore size 0.8 mm) followed by three alkali-treated filters to collect acidic gases (Whatman 41 ashless circles impregnated with 5% [K.sub.2] C[O.sub.3] and 1% glycerol in distilled deionised water).