AAWS-MAdvanced Antitank Weapon System - Medium
AAWS-MAnti-Armor Weapon System-Medium
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Whereas the AAWS-M is a one-man platoon weapon, the AMS-H is intended to be deployed at company level with light, airborne, air-assault and mechanized infantry units on Bradley IFVs, Hummers, and potentially the AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter.
similar to the AAWS-M), though he said "this does not mean that NLOS missile technology cannot be used".
Texas Instrument's proposal for the AMS-H is, in fact, a bigger, longer-range version of the AAWS-M. Hughes is expected to propose a derivative of its TOW2B, possibly incorporating the Wireless Command Link it has already demonstrated, plus autotrack/auto-cue to allow simultaneous engagement of multiple targets.
PHOTO : The Texas Instruments/Martin Marietta AAWS-M will provide infantry platoons with a
PHOTO : AAWS-M weighs about 20 kg and is carried and operated by one man.