AAZAAmerican Association of Zoos and Aquariums (also seen as AZA)
AAZAAssociation Achbal Zemamra d'Athlétisme
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They are reportedly under development and are codenamed as AABA, AANF and AAZA.
The AAZA is likely to be equipped with the company's existing 223cc single-cylinder engine, or possibly a newly created 200cc engine.
not available; CVRL, Central Veterinary Research Laboratory; IAH, Institute For Animal Health; CIRAD, Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agron omique pour le Developpement; AAZA, Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium, Al Ain/Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; KVI, Kimron Veterinary Institute; NPRE, National Project on Rinderpest Eradication; IVRI, Indian Veterinary Research Institute; LANAVET, Laboratoire National Veterinaire; LCV, Laboratoire Central Veterinaire; CVSH, College of Veterinary Science and Husbandry; NEADDC, National Exotic Disease Diagnosis Center; DPBAU, Department of Pathology Bangladesh Agricultural University.