AAZVAmerican Association of Zoo Veterinarians
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To accomplish its educational goals, AAZV produces the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and hosts an annual conference for continuing education.
According to AAZV, 100% of the organization's donations go to this fund.
We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with AAZV to promote its Wild Animal Health Fund," said Jack Padovano, principal of IPM Advancement.
Before the AAV, most continuing education opportunities on avian medicine occurred at the AAZV annual conference.
The AAV was born out of discontent among avian practitioners attending the AAZV meetings.
Dr Spink met Greg Harrison at the AAZV meeting in St Louis, MO, USA (1976), where he remembers Dr Harrison's presentation on surgical sexing as the only avian talk at that meeting.
Dr Soifer was also the staff veterinarian at Houston Zoo from 1966 to 1973, and he served as AAZV President in 1973.
After Kalamazoo, the board next met in October 1980 during the AAZV annual meeting in Washington, DC.
With regard to CE on birds, small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, I prefer to attend conferences that are held by organizations such as AAV, AEMV, ARAV, and AAZV.