AAppOApprobationsordnung für Apotheker (German: Approbational Rules for Pharmacists)
AAPPOAmerican Association of Preferred Provider Organizations
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At a time when employers are faced with the difficult choice of limiting benefits or raising health care costs to their employees, they are turning to CDHPs given the cost savings inherent in these plans," said Karen Greenrose, president and CEO of AAPPO.
The objective of this white paper is to present the facts and underscore the positive contributions that the PPO industry provides to the 193 million Americans who are enrolled in PPOs," said Karen Greenrose, president and CEO of AAPPO.
AAPPO's white paper on silent PPOs provides clear explanations of what constitutes a PPO versus a silent PPO, the fundamentals of the contract between providers, payors, and/or preferred provider networks (PPNs), what some of the common misperceptions are about silent PPOs, as well as what AAPPO has done and is continuing to do to minimize - and hopefully eliminate - the negative impact of silent PPOs on the health care industry as a whole.
Through this initiative, "Improving Women's Health," AAPPO will educate PPOs on the importance of ensuring that specialists trained in MIP are part of the PPO network.
AAPPO wants to make sure consumers, providers and PPOs are aware of the many benefits MIP can offer to patients and, in the long run, to the cost of health care in this country.
Under this initiative, supported by Ethicon Endo-Surgery, AAPPO will convene an expert Advisory Committee to examine best practices in clinical and psychosocial management of obesity surgery.
Hannon, Chairman of AAPPO and Senior VP, Marketing and Provider Affairs for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona commented, "I am very pleased that AAPPO is undertaking this project to identify best practices to improve bariatric surgery outcomes.
Released today by AAPPO, the study also reveals that CDHPs were the only health benefit option that experienced growth in 2008.
CDHP enrollment is on the rise because CDHPs based on a PPO platform provide consumers with what they really care about when seeking out health care providers," said Karen Greenrose, president and CEO of AAPPO.