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AB1Atlantic Bird 1 (communications satellite)
AB1Aviation Boatswain's Mate First Class (Naval Rating)
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The new Style AB1 bracket, part of the VicFlex sprinkler fitting line of products, eliminates the need for sprinkler installers to handle ceiling tiles, cut holes in ceiling tiles and coordinate with the ceiling trade on the jobsite, reducing hands-on installation time by as much as 39 per cent.
However, the last method was easier to determine the count of dead nematodes, and exposure method 2 showed a negative correlation as did the AB1 strain.
All players in the winning postcode sector (eg AB1 2) win a share of pounds 5,000.
At 8th hr of incubation, isolate AB1 showed up to 62% germination and this was followed by isolate UB1 (61%), isolates UB2 and UB5 which had >35% of its conidia germinated.
You shouldn't worry about AB1 = 8/15 being more than 14 days since you have a DC = 8.
Both AB1 and AB2 are continuing/ resulting partnerships; CD is treated as a new partnership.
The vendor added that it would use the proceeds to repay a GBP80m AB1 securitised note.
Address : 3rd Floor, AB1 Building (Wing C), Crimon Place
Pfleiderer Sweden AB1 ('Pfleiderer Sweden')*), an indirectly wholly owned Swedish subsidiary of Pfleiderer AG, has today acquired 809,000 shares in Pergo AB (publ) ('Pergo').
Address : Oil and Gas Environment and Decommissioning, 2nd and 3rd Floor, AB1 Building, 48 Huntly Street
Address : 2nd and 3rd Floor, AB1 Building, 48 Huntly Street
For the first time, research teams and scientists have at their disposal a single piece of software that reads the common AB1 and SCF sequencing formats, while providing interoperability across Windows, Linux, Solaris and Macintosh OS X operating systems.