AB2Atlantic Bird 2 (communication satellite)
AB2Anarchy Burger ][
AB2Army Brigade & Below
AB2Aviation Boatswain's Mate Second Class (Naval Rating)
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P-The hydrogen production potential, [R.sub.m]-Maximum hydrogen production rate, H(t)-Cumulative [H.sub.2] Production, HY-Hydrogen Yield Pre-treatment Isolates P (ml/L) [R.sub.m] H (t) method (mL [L.sup.-1] (ml/L) [h.sup.-1]) Heat shock AH2 200 4.16 157.6 Heat shock AH4 560 11.6 441.3 Base AB2 320 6.66 252.2 Chloroform AC3 400 8.33 315.2 Pre-treatment HY(mol[H.sub.2]/mol method glucose) Heat shock 0.23 Heat shock 0.62 Base 0.30 Chloroform 0.24 Table 3.
The class AB2 and B notes have equivalent security to class A, but are junior ranking, leading to the 'midrange' attribute.
For both inputs, AB and BA give the same response (AB1 = BA1 and AB2 = BA2), respectively.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The Oil Ministry pledged to after targeting a pumping station in Kirkuk province and gas station AB2 in Bajwan area, to increase the oil production and developing it.
The first attack, on the AB2 gas compressor station, about 15 km (10 miles) northwest of Kirkuk, started around 0300 (0000 GMT) when four gunmen with hand grenades broke through the external door, leaving two guards in critical condition.
[29] reveals that nutrient content of various vegetables can vary between accessions, thus critical to diversity within accessions of the same crop (for examples AB2 and DB3 accessions of eggplant --Solanum aethiopicum) and not only between various crops (for example, jute mallow and African eggplant).