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Las concentraciones medias de atrazina calculadas en la linea de tratamiento 1 fueron de 26,66 [micron]g/L en el AB1, 2,43 [micron]g/L en EFL1 y 0,70 [micron]g/L en EFC1; en la linea 2 fueron de 28,46 [micron]g/L en el AB2, 2,46 [micron]g/L en EFL2 y 0,30 [micron]g/L en EFC2.
6 g/10 min) were provided by Jinjiang Petrochemical (Jilin, China); AB2 type HBP samples were self-prepared (15) [[bar.
Meanwhile, one of two sisters who own the AB2 boutique on Bloomfield Avenue in East Belfast said they are shutting down in the wake of the protests.
n] is the number average molecular weight, PA is the conversion of A-groups (A; COOH), Mo is the molar mass of AB2 monomer, Mc is the molar mass of the core molecule, and MF is the molar mass of the byproduct, water in the present case.
Estimation of microbial protein supply to sheep and cattle based on urinary excretion of purine derivatives-An overview of the technical details, International Feed Resources Unit, Rowett Research Institute, Bucksburn Aberdeen AB2 9SB, UK Occasional Publication.
Exceptional drill results were also received from the central Tapereba AB area called Tapereba AB2.
Although he hadn't yet decided on a stage name - he sometimes used Yung Apaco, Soul Child, Allie Boy, AB2 - he had grabbed the attention of some music producers, such as those for rapper E-40.
1; AB2 for Albert Buron: Portrait d'une elite, Vol.
Other significant projects Masaood John Brown hashave seen the company transform into a regional pioneer in offering energy been involved in to date include rehabilitation of Mosul power plant , Mullah Abdullah Power station, North Oil Company's Power Plant, and AB2 Pumping station Basrah Petrochemical Plant, and an extensive rotor repair program involving all MS5001 power plants in Iraq .
Onde: AL = altura em cm, PC = peso corporal, C AB = circunferencia abdominal media = [( AB1 + AB2 / 2 )] onde AB1 (cm) = circunferencia abdominal medida anteriormente no ponto medio entre o processo xifoide do esterno e a cicatriz umbilical e lateralmente entre a extremidade inferior da ultima costela e a crista-iliaca, e AB2(cm) = circunferencia abdominal no nivel da cicatriz umbilical.
AB2 Dusty Winkler keeps a lookout while standing sentry with a M-240 machine gun on the flight deck aboard USS Horry S.
Grampian Country Food Group Ltd, Grampian House, Mugiemoss Road, Bucksburn, Aberdeen AB2 9XA.