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ABAAmerican Bar Association
ABAAmerican Bankers Association
ABAAmerican Booksellers Association
ABAApplied Behavior Analysis (autism treatment)
ABAAmerican Basketball Association
ABAAmerican Bus Association
ABAAmerican Bicycle Association
ABAAssociation for Behavior Analysis
ABAAmerican Birding Association
ABAApplied Behavioral Analysis
ABAAmateur Boxing Association
ABAAmerican Beverage Association
ABAArchitectural Barriers Act
ABAAustralian Breastfeeding Association
ABAAbscisic Acid (plant hormone)
ABAAmerican Bakers Association
ABAAmerican Board of Anesthesiology
ABAAbakan (Russia)
ABAAustralian Bankers Association
ABAAmerican Burn Association
ABAAustralian Broadcasting Authority
ABAAssociação Brasileira de Antropologia (Brazil)
ABAAccredited Business Accountant
ABAArizona Builders’ Alliance (est. 1994)
ABAAllen Brain Atlas (AIBS research)
ABAAmerican Baptist Association
ABAAsian Business Association
ABAAcadémie des Beaux-Arts (French: Academy of Fine Arts; Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo)
ABAAmerican Bantam Association (Augusta, NJ bantam breeders)
ABAAmerican Bullmastiff Association
ABAAllied Beauty Association
ABAAmerican Bridge Association
ABAAuto Bedrijven Associatie (Dutch)
ABAAmerican Bass Association
ABAAcrylonitrile-Butadiene Acrylate
ABAAustralian Biotechnology Association
ABAArrogant Bastard Ale
ABAAmerican Ballet Academy
ABAAutomatic Brake Adjuster
ABAAmerican Bioenergy Association
ABAArizona Bioindustry Association (also seen as ABIA)
ABAAddress Book Archive (file name extension)
ABAAmerican Beauty Association
ABAAlimentos Balanceados para Animales (Spanish)
ABAAssociação Brasileira de Aeromodelismo (Brazil)
ABAAdult Buddhist Association
ABAAmerican Bartenders Association
ABAAgent Based Architecture
ABAAboriginal Benefits Account (royalty distribution account established under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act)
ABAAcceso Banda Ancha
ABAAmerican Badminton Association
ABAAcid-Base Account
ABAAlberta Beekeepers Association
ABAAdaptive Battlespace Awareness (DoD ACTD)
ABAAnother Bloody Acronym
ABAAustrian Biologists Association
ABAAaron Burr Association
ABAAppropriation & Budget Activity
ABAAmerican, British, Australian
ABAAllgemeine Basisausbildung (German)
ABAAgent-Based Application
ABAAssociation for Balkan Anthropology
ABAAberrated Beam Analyzer
ABAAmerican Bowling Association
ABAAsymptotic Bound Analysis
ABAAdvanced Ballistic Algorithm
ABAAmerican Bison Association
ABAAdaptable Business Architecture (Peoplesoft)
ABAAlaska Boating Association
ABAArea-by-Area Allocation
ABAArbeitsgemeinschaft für Betriebliche Altersversorgung eV
ABAArthroscopie Belge - Belgische Arthroscopie (Belgian Arthroscopy Association)
ABAAbove Mean Axis (drawing reference plane)
ABAAlex-Branch Associates Ltd (UK)
ABAAmerican Bedding Association
ABAAuto-Build Authorization
ABAAssociation of Black Alumni
ABAAnnual Budget Authorization
ABAAmerican Bell Association Internatinal, Inc
ABAAdvanced Battery Assessment
ABAArusha Beekeepers' Association (Tanzania)
ABAAnti-Bullying Association
ABAAndreas Bergmann Automation LLC (Navarre, FL)
ABAAmerican Book Awards
ABAAlahambra Creek
ABAAwfully Big Adventure
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The ABA Foundation is offering a free informational webinar for interested bankers on Thursday, Jan.
We also tested a second hypothesis, that, rather than inducing increased ABA synthesis, the hormone increases the sensitivity of growth to the inhibitory effects of ABA.
For the most part, this scam has not affected African-Americans, as they are not encouraged to attend ABA law schools to begin with.
I know all about it and I am very supportive of ABA, very supportive of it as one of the methods.
Will the ABA be educating and developing referral relationships with a manageable number of people to obtain the volume of leads required to make the ABA work?
Carey said he doubts the president is paying any attention to what the ABA says, but he hopes Congress will see it has a powerful ally in the ABA in the battle to return to a system of co-equal branches of government.
The ABA Tax Section recommended the inclusion of this category because it is a characteristic associated with potentially abusive advice.
There are several lenders who offer ABAs, but not all have the experience or the flexibility to provide the solution that's right for you or your company.
Many studies have revealed the successful application of ABA, and many advocacy groups support its use.
The ABA also has adopted model Standards for State Judicial Selection.
Like the AICPA, the ABA "endorses the concept" of censure as "an appropriate remedy in certain circumstances.
Greg Davis, owner of the Chicago Skyliners, is another African American owner in the ABA.