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ABAAAntiquarian Booksellers' Association of America
ABAAAmerican Blonde d'Aquitaine Association (est. 1973; trade association)
ABAAAssociação Brasileira dos Advogados Ambientalistas (Brazil)
ABAAAir Barrier Association of America
ABAAAlberta Blonde d'Aquitaine Association (cattle breed; Alberta, Canada)
ABAAAmateur Built Aircraft Acceptance
ABAAAlberta Aerospace Association (Canada)
ABAAAustralian Business Aircraft Association
ABAAAmerican Black Achievement Awards
ABAAAssociation of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers (India)
ABAAArterial Baroreceptor Afferent Activity
ABAAAmerican Body Art Association
ABAAAschaffenburger Arbeitsagentur
ABAAAssociation Brestoise des Anciens d'AES
ABAAAuto Body Association of America
ABAAAylmer Amateur Baseball Association (Québec, Canada)
ABAAAlberta Bowhunters and Archers Association (Canada)
ABAAAll Bhutan Artists' Association
ABAAAge Based Asset Allocation (investing)
ABAAAnaConn Business Activity Analysis
ABAAAssociation des Brasseurs Amateurs de l'Auxois
ABAAAssociation of Business Advertising Agencies
ABAAAmerican Black Agriculturists Association
ABAAAssociação Bujarense de Agricultoras e Agricultores
ABAAArizona Business Aviation Association
ABAAAssurance & Business Advisory Analyst
ABAAAmerican Boxing and Athletic Association (Bay City, Michigan, USA)
ABAAAsian Business Aviation Association
ABAAAdelaide Biennial of Australian Art (Australia)
ABAAAbove and Beyond Achievement Award (Casualty Actuarial Society)
ABAAAviation Boatswain's Mate Airman Apprecntice (US Navy)
ABAAAirman Apprentice, Aviation Boatswain's Mate Striker (Naval Rating)
ABAAAppropriation and Budget Activity Account
ABAAAssociate of the British Association of Accountants and Auditors
ABAAAddison Business Aviation Association
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The system was rigorously tested by independent laboratories and was certified to meet all NFPA 285, ABAA Air Barrier Assembly and ICC-ES Water-Resistive Barrier acceptance criteria.
Sometime in the early 1970s while visiting Colin and Charlotte Franklin at their house in Culham, outside of Oxford, Colin handed me a pamphlet extricated from his pile of bookseller's catalogues and papers, an offprint of an article by Frances Hamill, the great Chicago bookseller, and first woman president of the ABAA. Hamill published in 1955, in The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, "Some Unconventional Women Before 1800: Printers, Booksellers and Collectors." The essay remains a useful resource for high points in women's printing history, but with apologies to Frances Hamill, the books presented in these pages speak to the myth of those "Unconventional Women." Women in the book trades were numerous.
Following the previous successful relationship between designers Stantec and their Chilean architectural partner, ABAA, the two firms were selected from a field of international competitors to plan and design the expansion, which will be one of the largest developments of its kind worldwide.
For example, if (a)(aa)(a) [member of] [A.sub.1] and (b)(bb) [member of] [A.sub.2] then [phi] = (abaa)(abb) [member of] [A.sub.1] * [A.sub.2] since its restrictions to {a} and {b} are [phi][|.sub.{a}] = (a)(aa)(a) and [phi][|.sub.{b}] = (b)(bb).
Abaa da fie a yemma If there is a way to prevent ckraman nkeka nnipa trouble, we use it 4.
Obaje, N G, Ligous, B and Abaa, S I 1994 Petrographic composition and depositional environment of Cretaceous coals and coal measures in the Middle Benue Trough of Nigeria International Journal of Coal Geology, 26, Pp 233-260
Los haplotipos de las proteinas k-CN y BLG presentaron efectos estadisticamente significativos sobre %ST,%PT,%GS y %CN (P<0,05) (TABLA II), para el %ST los mayores valores se obtuvieron con los haplotipos AAAB, BBAA, BBAB, AABB y ABAB, mientras que los porcentajes menores se observaron en ABAA, ABBB y BBBB siendo estas superadas en 10,7; 8,6 y 8,3% por la interaccion AAAB, respectivamente; las interacciones favorables para el mayor porcentaje de ST tambien resultaron ser las que presentaron el mayor %PT donde la interaccion AAAB supero en 12,98 y 10,40% a las genotipos ABAA y ABBB, respectivamente.
LXVIII 5): <<Natan profetta (e questa Sur Abaa / L'e moral de la bonna, e de la bella) / L'e andaa de David, dopo quell peccaa/Ch'el sa poeu lu, a cuntagh st'istoriella.
It also led me to look out my copy of the 1979-80 annual report of BAAF's predecessor, the Association of British Adoption Agencies (ABAA), which included a review of the previous 30 years.
ABAA Lauren Burleigh studies for an upcoming advancement exam in the hangar bay aboard USS Dwight D.
Two hospitals in the Baghdad Shiite neighbourhood of Sadr City said eight people were killed in the school blast, including six pupils from the Abaa Dhar primary school for boys.