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It is very gratifying to see a quality manufacturer like Rmax step up and take a component and develop a system that has achieved the rigorous ABAA Listing.
De igual manera, el %GS y %CN exhibieron los mayores valores con los haplotipos AAAB, BBAA, AABB y ABAB, el menor valor para el %GS se observo con el haplotipo ABAA el cual fue superado por los anteriores en 21,3; 21,8; 15,7 y 11,9%, respectivamente, mientras que para %CN, el menor valor se observo con el haplotipo ABBB, el cual fue superado en 18,3% por el haplotipo AAAB.
De forma alternativa, las ejecuciones ABAA podrian servir como demostracion de igualacion de pares de estimulos iguales funcionalmente hablando (A1B1, A2B2) con pares de estimulos perceptualmente iguales (ej.
ABAA spokeswoman said: "Across the Scottish airports we were looking at a total of approximately 50 inbound and 50 outbound cancellations yesterday.
Originally produced in association with David Marmel and Carl Meyers, ABAA became a wholly-owned division of Johnson Publishing Company in 1983.
As in previous years, ABAA recipients were chosen by EBONY'S "100 Most Influential Black Americans" (featured in the May 1991 issue) from a list of nominees selected by the editors of EBONY and Jet.
As in previous years, ABAA recipients and honorees were selected by Ebony's latest roster of "The 100 Most Influential Black Americans" (featured in the May 1990 issue) after being nominated by a panel of senior Ebony and Jet editors for their exemplary accomplishments in their respective fields.
The emotional highlight of the evening was when Publisher Johnson presented the coveted ABAA Lifetime Achievement Award to Opera diva Leontyne Price, who, he said, "came out of Laurel, Miss.
In October 1973, ABAA published Rowe and Lambert's equally seminal Children who Wait (1973).
Co-hosts of this year's ABAA were Jackee, a star of the TV sitcom 227, and Clifton Davis, a star of TV's Amen.
Ahmed Abaas Ramadhan, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the Sultanate and a
With regards to investing in Omani talent as part of TZC's employment plans, Abaas al Humaid, chief strategy officer, said, "We strongly believe in the importance of supporting the Omani youth and providing them with an opportunity to join the priA[degrees]vate sector.