ABABApplied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (journal)
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For example, a study would be considered to have neutral or mixed effects if a functional relationship were established between the independent and dependent variables with positive effects for two of four participants in an ABAB study, but no effects or negative effects were observed for the remaining participants.
Participant B began with edibles in the first stage followed by alternating phases of metal washers, edibles, and metal washers (in an ABAB design).
Proact IT Group (STO:PACT) announced on Thursday that it has been selected to supply a new IT infrastructure for ABAB Accountants en Adviseurs, an all-round accountancy and consultancy organisation.
2005) recommend examining a minimum of three phase shifts, as in an ABAB design or a three-series multiple baseline design.
1994) used an ABAB design to examine choice among tasks as an intervention in two studies to determine its effects on task-engagement and problem behaviors for three elementary aged students with E/BD served in a self-contained classroom.
Esne's Nonsense" is a 12-line poem rhymed in ABAB pattern, if it consists, as Lindon remarks, of "agreeably sounding nonsense," it does at least scan remarkably well.
Results following an ABAB reversal design, showed synchrony to be superior to contingent praise in maintaining the boys' compliance with their mothers' instructions.
To determine whether gradually increasing the interval between trials would lead to a higher rate of retention than massed trials, a single-subject experimental design, ABAB reversal (Barlow & Hersen, 1984), was used.
In two classrooms (Classrooms 1 and 3), CWPT was withdrawn for 1 week, resulting in an ABAB design.
We then conducted an assessment of mands and problem behavior across different stimulus conditions (card absent, card present) within an ABAB design (Phase 3).
The effects of the orientation system were assessed through an ABAB design in which A represented the baseline phases and B represented the intervention phases with the orientation system (Barlow, Nock, & Hersen, 2009).
Two rhyming couplets of differing rhyme-sounds can form a rhyming quatrain in one of three rhyme patterns: AABB, ABAB, or ABBA.