ABACCAssociation of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges (Michigan)
ABACCArgentine-Brazilian Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials
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This year, the Nuclear Suppliers Group comprising 46 countries, recognised ABACC as an alternative to IAEA additional protocols for the transfer of advanced nuclear technologies.
Lula reafirmo que la investigacion nuclear en Brasil tenia fines pacificos que estaban constitucionalmente definidos y, ademas, que el pais cumplia los principales acuerdos regionales y multilaterales sobre la no proliferacion nuclear, en particular las disposiciones de la ABACC y el OIEA.
ABACC was established under an agreement signed in Guadalajara, Mexico on 18 July 1991 between Argentina and Brazil to ensure exclusively peaceful use of nuclear energy.
O sistema estabelecido pela Argentina e o Brasil engloba os dois Estados vizinhos, uma agencia criada por eles (ABACC) e a AIEA.
After the solution of the Itaipu problem (1979), the relationship with Argentina was deepened through the establishment of a gradual process of economic integration in 1988 (the origin of Mercosul), the Brazilian-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC) agreement between Brazil, Argentina, and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which established a mutual nuclear facility inspection process and, consequently, the dissolution of the two countries' "strategic rivalry." Brazil gave a concrete and tangible demonstration of a new disposition in disarmament matters.
Ademais, formou-se a Agencia Argentino-Brasileira de Contabilidade e Controle de Materiais Nucleares - ABACC. Deve-se lembrar que Brasil e Argentina firmaram acordo para proscricao completa de armas quimicas e bacteriologicas, o Compromisso de Mendoza.
The institutionalization of military cooperation agreements has included permanent exchanges between the military staffs of the two countries, and the continuity of bi-national working groups on nuclear issues, especially the continuity of Brazilian-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC), which dates back to the late 1980s.
Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moons message on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the BrazilianArgentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC), in New York today:
Em artigo anterior procuramos demonstrar o compromisso inequivoco do Brasil com a naoproliferacao nuclear, tanto como signatario do TNP, do Tlatelolco, assim como por meio da criacao da Agencia Brasileiro Argentina de Contabilidade e Controle de Materiais Nucleares (ABACC) e o Acordo Quatripartite assinado entre Brasil, Argentina, ABACC e AIEA (Brigagao & Seabra, 2009).
Em 1991, o acordo quadripartite entre Brasil, Argentina, AIEA e ABACC (Agencia Brasileiro-Argentino de Contabilidade e Controle de Materiais Nucleares)--garantidor do acesso da AIEA as instalacoes nucleares dos dois paises, comprometidos com uso civil da tecnologia dual--manifestam uma nova tendencia da experiencia brasileira, em favor da distensao politica e da integracao regional.
As Philippe (2014b) himself stresses, it is entirely consistent with both INFCIRC/435 and INFCIRC/153, Corrected that the reactor hatch should be sealed in the presence of ABACC and IAEA inspectors to make sure that it will not be opened until refueling or other maintenance operation is held, again in the presence of ABACC and IAEA inspectors (16).
Once it was solved, the bilateral relationship entered into an extremely constructive phase that made possible the 1991 agreement to create the Argentine-Brazilian Agency for Account and Control of nuclear materials (ABACC) and the customs union on which MERCOSUL is based.