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ABACUSAssociation of Building Societies and Credit Unions (Australia)
ABACUSArctic Biosphere Atmosphere Coupling at Multiple Scales
ABACUSArchitecture and Building Aids Computer Unit
ABACUSAdvanced Battlefield Computer Simulation
ABACUSAutomated Budget Analysis/Centralized User System (AFMC system)
ABACUSAssociation of Bibliographic Agencies of Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States
ABACUSAssociation for British and Chinese University Students (UK)
ABACUSAustere Backup Communications Unmanned System
ABACUSAir Battle Analysis Center Utility System
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Founded in 2004, Abacus is an active member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) and works with life settlement brokers, professional advisors and consumers in optimizing the value of unwanted life insurance policies.
As with all new ABACUS releases, support for the 50+ industry frameworks and notations supplied with ABACUS has been updated and new meta-models added.
Lozada said, Abacus is helping financial institutions to deploy and manage hosted IT solutions in an environment in which cyber-threats and regulations are posing new challenges for financial institutions.
The participants were then asked to respond to an online survey that was developed to gather data on how the participants were prepared to use an abacus for computation; their attitudes toward the effectiveness of the abacus as a computational tool for students who are visually impaired; whether they teach computation with an abacus to their students; and, if so, which skills they teach.
Once mastered, the abacus enables you to add, multiply, subtract and divide much faster than you can with a paper and pencil.
At the end there is suggestion of yet another adventure for Abacus.
Working on his own, Garobeb uses an environmental friendly approach by re-using and recycling different material to make the abacus.
In a statement, the banking company said, 'UBS's arrangement with Abacus will include joint marketing to investors as well as research collaboration with our leading quantitative research team.
Founded in 1990, Abacus has offices in Lafayette, CO; Schaumburg, IL; and the United Kingdom and is a leading provider of data, data management and analytical services geared toward optimizing customer acquisition and retention efforts.
Reliable services are vital to Abacus, which is establishing itself as a rapidly growing network, with franchisees throughout the UK.
Steve Jackson, Chairman of the Abacus Group explains: "More than 70% of UK companies are SMEs, a sector acknowledged as vital to our overall economic growth.