ABALAssociacao Brasileira Do Aluminio (Portuguese: Brazilian Aluminum Association; est. 1970)
ABALAlastair Beach Associates Ltd. (UK)
ABALAdvanced Basic Application Language (computer programming)
ABALAims, Bounds, Aids, Limitations (command tasks)
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purpurea masgeneralizado en Mexico es ciruelo o ciruela mexicana, pero entre diversos grupos etnicos del pais se han registrado distintos nombres, como cuaripa en el estado de Jalisco; ten en San Luis Potosi; xocobitl en Morelos; chatsutsoco-scatann en Veracruz; biaxhi, biagi, piache, yaga-yeche, en Oaxaca; huitzo, cutzuhuitzo, putzohuitz en Chiapas; campech abal, ek abal, haha'al abal, hondura abal, huhi abal, ix houen, k'ek'en abal, sabac abal, tuspana abal, xcan abal, xi abal, xk'ini abal, xkusmil abal, xuntura abal en Campeche, Quintana Roo y Yucatan.
Camera (color), Miguel Abal; editor, Alejandro Alem, Alejandro Parisow; art director, Mariana Sourrouille.
The IDB cited the Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL) as the source.
Maybe we can help them understand by creating a word that is more functional than "accessible." How about, usecessable (yuz sez abal): "to easily gain entrance and have usable what is inside for all intended and identified purposes."
Centriole-containing centrosomes may well be involved in these activities, as in similar crawling movements of mammalian polymorphonuclear leukocytes and T-cells (Zigmond, 1978; Pryzwansky et al., 1983; Volkov et al., 1998; Abal et al., 2002).
At the Farmington facility, additional machines used for both laminate and veneer components include a Mercury Vacuum press for creating radius forms and an Abal five-head V-fold machine for making linear V-folded columns.