ABAOAll Bets Are Off
ABAOAbdominal Aorta
ABAOAvailable Balance/Amount Obligated
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Abao said, "As a Paiwan girl, she feels happy to be able to stand on the stage at Central Park." She also taught the New York audience a few Paiwan phrases.
The pawikan (sea turtle) at the turtle sanctuary (Photo by Aivan Abao)
(8) Los principales trabajos que plantean esquemas generales de desarrollo de la frontera chaco saltena con esas caracteristicas son Vitar (1997) y Gullon Abao (1993).
He remembered how once as a young man he had driven by car to Banda Abao with his father.
In this approach, students are given the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions (Abao 2002).
Bronson KF, Neue HU, Singh U, Abao EB Jr (1997) Automated chamber measurements of methane and nitrous oxide flux in a flooded rice soil: I.
April 25-May 2: Aruba: 13th Eagle International Bowling Tournament (Pos Abao).