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ABARAlternate Battery Acquisition Radar
ABARAdvanced Battery Acquisition Radar
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Supplied by food sector automation specialist ABAR the system comprises a de-stacker to place crates onto a conveyor, automated placement of a liner to the crate, conveyors to transport crates to the weigh heads and after re converging the crates are check-weighed then baling arms closed and held in a pick-up area for collection by a FANUC Robotics R-2000iB.
The film stars Shahab Hosseini, Mani Haqiqi, Saber Abar, Merila Zarei and Golshifteh Farahani--who brought controversy to the film after she played Leonardo Di Caprio's love interest in Ridley Scott's 2007 Hollywood film "Body of Lies.
Researcher Caitlin Abar of the Prevention Research and Methodology Center at Pennsylvania State University suggested that parents enforce a zero-tolerance policy in the home.
Unknown miscreants detonated the explosive devices planted at Meena Bazaar and Abar bazaars with intervals that destroyed 16 shops while 16 were damaged partially.
Champagne is president and CEO of Abar Imaging Center and owner of Screencraft Tileworks.
Former teacher Francis Gilbert leads us into the dark and sinister world of British thug culture with abar rage of anecdotes from battered, bruised and bloodied victims.
3, In the shower, through abar of caffeinated soap.
The two-minute advert, in which a young boy is seen firing an AK47, was the brainchild of Adil Abar, from Hall Green.
Abar Automation and Bizerba UK will add a touch of fun with the Abar golfing robot, which will demonstrate perfect chips and putts--with an unorthodox swing.
Marion County Deputy District Attorney Don Abar said he will seek the death penalty if Brumwell is convicted of killing inmate David Shane Polin, 31, in an attack in the activities area of the 2,200-inmate maximum security state penitentiary.
Once the club is opened next month there are also plans to convert the other three floors of the building into abar, restaurant andalso office space.