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ABASAAssociation for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa (Bruma, Johannesburg, South Africa)
ABASAAmerican Bankers Association Securities Association
ABASAAllliance Burundo-Africaine pour le Salut (Tutsi: Burundi African Alliance for the Salvation)
ABASAAlimentos y Bebidas del Atlántico S.A. (Spanish: Food and Beverages of the Atlantic S.A.)
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acrydiorum fue extenso comparado con el de las especies del genero Sarcophaga, todas larviparas, estudiadas bajo condiciones similares de temperatura, humedad y fotoperiodo por Kamal (1958), Abasa (1970) y Kruger et al.
Table: AJN Richards Collection, Books Title Author Year Sarawak annual report 1958 1958 Sarawak annual report 1960 1960 Sarawak annual report 1962 1962 Sarawak Government Staff List 1962 1962 part 1-Officers in Division 3 Mandok lauk 1967 Pelajar Iban Bup 6 1970 Pelajar Iban Bup 4 1970 Pelajar Iban Bup 3 1970 Pelajar Iban Bup 1 1982 Pelajar Iban Bup 2 1982 Pelajar Iban Bup 3 1982 Pelajar Iban Bup 4 1982 Pelajar Iban Bup 5 1982 Pelajar Iban Bup 6 1982 Surat sambiang: a prayerbook in 1982 the Iban language authorized for use in the diocese of Kuching Kamus Pelajar Abasa and 1988 Sariyan Sembayang hari besai n.
Abasa said: "While I'm on the payroll at this club I will give him everything I have got.
De esta manera los partidos tutsis AV-Intwari y el PRP, se unen a las siete delegaciones hutus, al presidente de Burundi, a la delegacion de la Asamblea Nacional y a los partidos UPRONA, PARENA, ABASA e INKISO, que habian estampado su firma un dia antes.
Today, as Chikane speaks on "corruption and transparency" before the Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of South Africa, ABASA, we see yet another strand of the new South African mosaic.
Barclays banking operations in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, as well as Barclays Africa Regional Office in South Africa will be bought by the Abasa.
Other Tutsi and Hutu opposition parties and groups include, among others, PARENA (the Party for National Redress, Tutsi), ABASA (the Burundi African Alliance for the Salvation, Tutsi), PRP (the People's Reconciliation Party, Tutsi), PALIPEHUTU (the Party for the Liberation of the Hutu People, Hutu) and FROLINA/FAP (the Front for the National Liberation of Burundi/Popular Armed Forces, Hutu).
A L'Olivier, AAK, Abasa, ABF, Aceites Maeva, Aceites Millas, Aceites Monterreal, Aceites Toledo, ADM, Agno, Agra, Agri Food, AgriB.