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ABAT4-Aminobutyrate Aminotransferase
ABATAdvanced Burglar Alarm Technician (security)
ABATAlberta Bat Action Team (Alberta, Canada)
ABATAgent-Based Analytical Tool
ABATAir-Land Battle Advanced Technologies
ABATAmerican Born, American Trained
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In a previous study, we determined the kinetics of B release from pure ulexite, borax, colemanite and BP[O.sub.4] compounds synthesised at 500 and 800[degrees]C for 1 h using the same column dissolution technique (Abat et al.
For each model, one of the explicit relative rating measures was entered as a predictor of group status (ABAT or MT) for the first step, and the overall D-IRAP measure was entered as the second step in the model.
More than 9,000 visitors are expected at the third Abat exhibition to be held from August 1 to 3 at the Bahrain International Exhibitions and Convention Centre.
Founded in September 2002, Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT) develops, manufactures, and distributes PLI batteries using lithium cobalt oxide anodes.
(ABAT) recently announced it has commenced shipments of its advanced rechargeable polymer-lithium-ion (PLI) batteries to Taiwan's Aiyingsi Company, Ltd.
Totes les coses son al seu lloc fins que l'odi les abat, furors i fantasies arrasen la ciutat.