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ABATEA Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments
ABATEA Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education (motorcyclists' rights organization; Galesburg, IL)
ABATEAmerican Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education
ABATEAmerican Bikers Aiming Towards Education
ABATEAssociation for Biker Awareness, Training and Education
ABATEAlliance of Bikers Aimed Towards Equity (Braintree, MA)
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The descent, of course, is effected by lowering the heat of the cylinder, and letting the temperature abate.
The waves of the great movement abate, and on the calm surface eddies are formed in which float the diplomatists, who imagine that they have caused the floods to abate.
How or when my frenzy for him began to abate I cannot say, but it certainly waned, and it must have waned rapidly, for after no great while I found myself feeling the charm of quite different minds, as fully as if his had never enslaved me.
Just before it disappeared from sight its downward momentum appeared to abate suddenly, but it was still moving rapidly at a steep angle when it finally disappeared from view behind the far hills.
Shortly after noon of the second day the storm commenced to abate, and before the sun went down, the little craft upon which Tara of Helium had hovered between life and death these many hours drifted slowly before a gentle breeze above a landscape of rolling hills that once had been lofty mountains upon a Martian continent.
There were moments when the wind seemed to abate a little, but that did not last long and as if to make up for that respite the storm swept down with tenfold vigour and tore and whirled the more fiercely.
We worked on; but the water increasing in the hold, it was apparent that the ship would founder; and though the storm began to abate a little, yet it was not possible she could swim till we might run into any port; so the master continued firing guns for help; and a light ship, who had rid it out just ahead of us, ventured a boat out to help us.
Abate said, It s an incredible honor to succeed Mark Little who has built a research powerhouse for the 21st century world.
Abate said one unit in the Greenville test stand for 200 hours delivers more valuable information than 500 units in the field for a year.
Abate will operate by luring anthropophilic (primarily human biting) insects of disease to feed on livestock treated with the product.
AC Milan full-back Abate said: "At the Euros we started with a lot of scepticism, no one bet a euro on us.
Milanese suggests retailers cross-merchandise Abate Fetel pears with Italian parmesan cheese, salad and wine.