ABAWDAble Bodied Adults Without Dependents
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Ensure ABAWDs would continue to receive SNAP benefits in the event that there are not enough spaces to cover all ABAWDs looking for work;
Under normal circumstances, ABAWDs face strict time-limit requirements.
Consider the waivers and exemptions from the ABAWD time limits.
Adults who were potentially subject to the ABAWD time limit were more likely to leave food stamps in the first few months of their spells than adults who were not subject to the limit.
The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 further allowed states to exempt up to 15% of their ABAWD cases from time limits, and the state subsequently received exemptions for several counties under this rule.
These include the imposition of ABAWD time limits after the PRWORA and their subsequent relaxation after 2002.
2004) estimated household-level models of food stamp participation that included dummy indicators for ABAWD households.
Our ABAWD variable is thus constructed as the fraction of the ABAWD population subject to work requirements/time limits.
8) We obtained information on administrative food stamp caseloads, Electronic Benefit Transfer measures, ABAWD waivers, and error rates from the U.
Likewise, the only welfare policies with a short run influence on caseload movements are pre-Welfare Reform Act waivers and ABAWD waivers.
Some of the food stamp policy variables have a sizable and statistically significant impact on food stamp caseloads in the long run, notably, the ABAWD waiver variable.
Aside from the confounding influence of local economic conditions on the identification of the ABAWD effect, another potential concern is with regard to the fact the post-welfare reform programs and ABAWD waivers were coming on line in many states at the same time and thus generating possible collinearity.