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ABBAllman Brothers Band (band)
ABBAsea Brown Boveri (Billingstad, Norway)
ABBAmerican Body Building
ABBAsea Brown Boveri Ltd (Zurich)
ABBActivity Based Budgeting
ABBActivity-Based Budgeting (budgeting methodology)
ABBAlex Boncayao Brigade (terrorist group)
ABBArchives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
ABBAmerican Board of Bioanalysis (est. 1968; St. Louis, MO)
ABBAssociation of British Bookmakers (UK)
ABBAustralian Barley Board (Adelaide, South Australia)
ABBAnalog Baseband
ABBAfrican Blood Brotherhood (New York, NY)
ABBAdaptive Body Bias
ABBAmerican Association of Bioanalysts
ABBAirborne Brigade
ABBAverage Blues Band (band)
ABBInternational Bank of Azerbaijan
ABBAmerica's Best Bootfitters
ABBAllegheny Brass Band (Pittsburgh, PA)
ABBActief Bodembeheer (Dutch: active soil management)
ABBAmateur Boat Building
ABBAccelerated Book Build (financial method of placing of equity stock)
ABBActivity Based Benefits
ABBAmerican Brotherhood for the Blind
ABBAustrian Brass Band
ABBAll 'Bout Business (Qwest Communications)
ABBAsian Bad Boys (gang)
ABBAnkara Buyuksehir Belediyesi
ABBAssociato Brasileira de Buiatria (Brazilian Veterinary Cattle Association)
ABBaverage bank balance
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Jerry Osborn, General Manager, ABB Robot Automation stated, "Our customer's needs for flexible automation solutions continue to expand.
ABB is a business-to-business company that manufactures and ships more than a million products worldwide each day - - used by the makers of machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and paper goods.
Using the ABB patented solid-state reference technology this sensor reduces chemical use and improves quality by providing a stable accurate PH measurement.
Yet according to FORTUNE, Rumsfeld has not spoken out about the reactors and there is no evidence that he--despite a keen interest in the company's nuclear business and the fact that he attended most board meetings--made his views about the project known to other ABB officials.
Time and time again ABB has trusted Wind River technology to speed product development in order to deliver robots that increase efficiencies and have a profound impact on production lines worldwide," said Tom St.
ABB Offshore Systems is a global supplier to the oil and gas industry where it undertakes large projects and supplies products and systems for oil & gas field developments and operations worldwide, on and offshore, subsea and surface.
Shareholders participating in the DAF will be registered temporarily as shareholders without right to a dividend from ABB Ltd.
It is hard to separate the ABB from West Indian immigration.
ABB will provide power distribution, process electrification and drives for Metso Paper's SC paper machine PM 12 delivery to Stora Enso's Kvarnsveden mill in Sweden.
When you look at ABB, you'll see the market leader with the broadest scope of solutions available for pulp and paper making.
ABB announced today that it has agreed to sell its Operator Training Simulation business to Societe De Realisations En Systemique Industrielle (RSI), a subsidiary of IFP Investments.