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ABBAAmerican Brahman Breeders Association
ABBAAmerican Business Brokers Association
ABBAAutomated Biomass Burning Algorithm
ABBAAmerican Blind Bowling Association (Mercer, PA, USA)
ABBAAlberta Bed and Breakfast Association (Canada)
ABBAAmerica Burma Buddhist Association (New York)
ABBAAmerican Bed and Breakfast Association
ABBAAmerican Black Belt Academy (Colorado)
ABBAAsociación de Bibliotecarios y Bibliotecas de Arquitectura (Spain)
ABBAAgnetha Bjorn Benny Annifrid (Swedish pop group)
ABBAAustralian Brahman Breeders' Association
ABBAAsheville Bed and Breakfast Association (North Carolina)
ABBAAustin Bridge Builders Alliance (Texas)
ABBAAlex Bealer Blacksmith Association (Georgia)
ABBAAnti-Big Brother Association (hacking group)
ABBAAlbany Basin Business Association (New Zealand)
ABBAA Bunch of Book Artists
ABBAAlumni Blue Band Association (Penn State)
ABBAAlbuquerque Bed & Breakfast Association
ABBAAmerican Blood Bank Association (Aruba)
ABBAAußerbetrieblicher Büroarbeitsplatz
ABBAADC Backend for Bolometer Arrays
ABBAAutomatisches Bandkassetten Bedienungs Archiv (German: Automatic Tape Cassette Opertating Archive)
ABBAAmerican Bully Breeders Association (El Cajon, CA)
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Based in the UK, PLATINUM have not only won over discerning ABBA fans from close to home, but have responded to everincreasing demand and taken their spectacular ABBA tribute show around the world as word of their perfectionism spreads.
We're very excited to be working with the legendary original ABBA musicians," says 4 Entertainment partner and co-founder, Eric Burns.
ABBA's timeless songs were written to be A's timeless songs were written to be A enjoyed live and ABBA Mania gives you exact A Mania gives you exact -ly that with two hours of uplifting, danceinducing and sometimes heart-breaking songs, fully live with staging, lighting and effects.
But tourism chiefs believe pop pilgrims will flock to the Abba cathedral - 250,000 are expected this year - bringing money, money, money.
ABBA FOREVER appear at the Liverpool Empire this Friday, June 10, tickets pounds 16, 0844 847 2525.
Abba Queens' singer Anneli Stockwell said: "We worked our way up f rom pubs to theatres.
Which makes performing in an ABBA show an exercise in happiness.
Fortunately, they received standing ovations for their spot-on reproduction of the Abba experience and they have since returned to the country five times.
But it's the unique Abba sound that people come to hear.
AT the height of their fame in 1977, Abba played two concerts at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London.
The Very Best Of Abba comes to Huddersfield Town Hall on Saturday, March 15, courtesy of arguably the best UK Abba tribute group.
The abBA collaboration proposes to conduct a comprehensive program of precise measurements of neutron [beta]-decay coefficients a (the correlation between the neutron momentum and the decay electron momentum), b (the electron energy spectral distortion term), A (the correlation between the neutron spin and the decay electron momentum), and B (the correlation between the neutron spin and the decay neutrino momentum) at a cold neutron beam facility.