ABBBAmerican Banker-Bond Buyer
ABBBAdams, Brown, Beran and Ball (accounting firm; Kansas)
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ABBB's interns help represent the firm at their schools' career fairs and events, said Gerrie Meyer, the firm's director of employee development.
Each of ABBB's offices, for instance, has a newer staff member who serves as a site coordinator and acts as a mentor to the interns.
Developmental Pattern Frequency progressions Copy Patterns of 3 (AAB or ABB) 40 Continue Patterns of 3 (AAB or ABB) 38 Continue Patterns of 4 (AAAB) 38 Continue Patterns of 5 (AAAAB) 35 Continue Patterns of 4 (ABBB) 34 Complete Patterns of 4 (ABBBABBB) 34 Complete Patterns of 4 (AAABAAAB) 32 Identify the Patterns of 4 (ABBB) 31 repeat Identify the Patterns of 5 (AAAAB) 29 repeat Identify the Patterns of 3 (AAB) 18 Repeat Table 9.
De igual manera, el %GS y %CN exhibieron los mayores valores con los haplotipos AAAB, BBAA, AABB y ABAB, el menor valor para el %GS se observo con el haplotipo ABAA el cual fue superado por los anteriores en 21,3; 21,8; 15,7 y 11,9%, respectivamente, mientras que para %CN, el menor valor se observo con el haplotipo ABBB, el cual fue superado en 18,3% por el haplotipo AAAB.
Rare edible hybrid diploids (AB) and tetraploids (AAAB, AABB, ABBB) do occur (Simmonds, 1976c, 1995b; Howell et al., 1994).
Marnie Barton accomplished grades ABBB in her extended project, law, psychology and sociology, and is now off to study law at the University of Birmingham.
Deposits and Guarantees required: See ABBB the Chamber of Agriculture,.
Os tetraploides apresentaram teores medios de vitamina C de 9,89mg 100[g.sup.-1] (AAAA), 14,36mg 100[g.sup.-1] (AAAB) e 76,82mg 100[g.sup.-1] (ABBB).
Set [x.sub.1] = abb, [x.sub.2] = abbab, [y.sub.1] = abbb and [y.sub.2] = abba.