ABBCA Better Bounce Card (photography)
ABBCAmor/Belhom/Burns/Convertino (band)
ABBCAmerican Bankruptcy Board of Certification (American Bar Association)
ABBCAssociation for British Brewery Collectables (est. 1993)
ABBCAssociation of Bottled Beer Collectors (now Association for British Brewery Collectables; est. 1993)
ABBCAsbestos Bonded Bituminous Coated
ABBCAngeles Bahay Bata Center (Angeles City, Philippines)
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Suresh Kannan, marketing manager at ABBC Foundation, said their participation in the Zayed Humanitarian Work Day event is "a reflection of the vision of Sheikh Zayed and the duty of the company to serve the community in the UAE".
"The ABBC entities are well within their rights to use a word connoting magic and golden coins in an area (Alibaba) has not used or, at the very least, has abandoned."
Their farmland was taken away and homes were demolished to make way for a museum complex, which the farmers and villagers received little compensation for, according to aBBC report.
Press pressure (MPa) Veneer composition P S-Hd H-Hd 0.88 73.64 aA 58.08 aC 51.57 aC 1.18 60.46 bAB 54.54 abBC 42.83 bD 1.47 60.30 bA 50.62 bB 42.59 bC Press pressure (MPa) Veneer composition S-Hd / H-Hd S-Hd / P H-Hd / P 0.88 51.96 aC 69.67 aAB 66.36 aB 1.18 50.74 aC 62.88 bA 59.39 bAB 1.47 48.14a BC 58.55 bA 60.88 bA Note: averages followed by the same letter were not statistically different (capital letter in lines and small letter in columns), according to the Tukey test at 5% error probability; P: P.
ABBC president Saqib Bhatti said: "Once again we have been inundated with exceptional talent.
ABBC ALBA will screen the IRN-BRU Cup clash between Queen of the South and Northern Ireland's Linfield on Sunday, October 9 at Palmerston.
ABBC bosses have given the green light to BBC Cymru Wales' PS120m new HQ at the site where the bus station once stood and that can only be great news for the city.
ABBC radio star has tweeted his fury at paying PS144 for a train ticket - and finding himself "trapped" by the toilet with more than 20 fellow passengers.
TABELA III PORCENTAGEM DE EMERGENCIA EM CAMPO (EC) E INDICE DE VELOCIDADE DE EMERGENCIA DE PLANTULAS EM CAMPO (IVE) ORIUNDAS DE SEMENTES DE SOJA TRATADAS COM FUNGICIDA, INSETICIDA, MICRONUTRIENTES E POLIMERO LIQUIDO E EM PO * EC (%) Tratamento Polimero S/P ** PL PP Testemunha 81 Aa 57 Bb 66 Bb Fungicida 81 Aa 80 Aa 79 Aa Inseticida 77 Aa 73 Aba 64 Bb Micronutriente 70 Aa 71 Aa 66 Ab F+I+M 71 Aa 72 Aa 65 Ab CV (%) 8,0 13,9 12,8 IVE Tratamento Polimero S/P PL PP Testemunha 5,48 Ab 4,58 Abc 4,76 Bb Fungicida 6,39 Aa 6,22 Aa 6,13 Aa Inseticida 4,57 Ac 5,22 Abc 4,83 Ab Micronutriente 5,40 Abbc 5,74 Aab 4,69 Bb F+I+M 5,32 Abc 5,37 Aabc 4,96 Ab CV (%) 13,4 15,6 13,0 * Medias seguidas da mesma letra maiuscula na linha e minuscula na coluna nao diferem entre si (Tukey 5%).
12.80 [+ or -] 5.32 abA Control 18.20 [+ or -] 4.51 bcB Number of Workers Plant oils 20 min Capsicum annuum 6.80 [+ or -] 2.62 aAB FYJ 20.60 [+ or -] 6.03 bcBC Mentha longifolia 30.80 [+ or -] 7.32 cC Mentha canadensis 27.80 [+ or -] 7.41 cCD Salvia sclarea 12.60 [+ or -] 8.54 abAB Cedrus deodara 11.80 [+ or -] 3.98 abBC Pinus spp.