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ABBEAwarding Body for the Built Environment (accreditation; UK)
ABBEAiken Bamberg Barnwell Edgefield (library system; South Carolina)
ABBEAssociation Bibliothèque Braille Enfantine (French: Children's Braille Library Association)
ABBEAdaptive Baseband Equalizer
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"Twelve hundred to my tailor," continued the abbe; "the fellow has made me take back seven suits of my people's, which compromises my liveries, and my mistress talks of replacing me by a farmer of the revenue, which would be a humiliation for the church."
"You will please to remark," said the abbe, humbly, "that I have asked nothing for myself."
"I maintain a hundred men," said the abbe, proudly; "that is a charge, I believe."
"And do you ask me that?" cried the Abbe Fouquet; "ah!
"Ingrate!" continued the abbe, more and more affected.
"The scheme is well known," said the inspector; "and the abbe's plan has not even the merit of originality."
"Nor you to mine," cried the abbe. "You will not accept my gold; I will keep it for myself.
"After all," said the inspector, "if he had been rich, he would not have been here." So the matter ended for the Abbe Faria.
The very madness of the Abbe Faria, gone mad in prison, condemned him to perpetual captivity.
"Adieu, abbe," said the coadjutor, "I am to preach to-morrow and have twenty texts to examine this evening."
I will consult my uncle and the Abbe Couturier," said Mademoiselle Cormon, returning to the salon, where the animation was now at its height.
It will leak out from the d'Esgrignon salon, and go straight to the bishop at Seez, and so get round through the grand vicars to the curate of Saint-Leonard's, who will be certain to tell it to the Abbe Couturier; and Mademoiselle Cormon will get the shot in her upper works.