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ABBEAwarding Body for the Built Environment (accreditation; UK)
ABBEAiken Bamberg Barnwell Edgefield (library system; South Carolina)
ABBEAssociation Bibliothèque Braille Enfantine (French: Children's Braille Library Association)
ABBEAdaptive Baseband Equalizer
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Abbe joined JMP Securities in 2004 and has since concentrated on a range of businesses within the real estate industry, including real estate investment trusts, land developers, homebuilders, and real estate-related technology and services companies.
Before joining JMP Securities, Abbe was a member of the financial institutions group at Piper Jaffray.
George Abbe was a bright flame, a trusted friend, advisor, and mentor to many.
It was five years ago passionate foodies Abbe and Stuart realised their dream of opening a deli in the heart of Porthcawl, and the couple have gone on to create a thriving business employing seven staff.
As well as bringing a little year-round festive cheer, the success of their mince pies has helped Abbe and Stuart exceed their business plan, achieving their five-year projection in just a year and employing seven staff.
The charges stem from a crash in Marion County that authorities suspect Abbe caused when her vehicle slammed into the rear of a pickup.
From left, Chloe Ingram, Brian Scannell and Keith Jones Andrew Haddow, Sian Astley, Dr Gavin Dunn and Austin Baggett Roger Bishop, ABBE chief executive; Chris Broadbent; Stuart Stokes; and Martin Russell-Croucher Sarah Dunkerley, ABBE; Philip Salaman; Jim Gillespie; and Stuart Mullineux Greg More, Chris Williams, and Stephen O'Hara
While the Abbe Center's main building was spared, the downtown office of its parent organization, which handles HR, community relations, and accounting functions for the center and its sister agencies, was inundated.
Abbe Rous is the dominant presence in this incredibly lovely region of French Catalonia where the Pyrenees fall into the sea and on whose precipitous stony slopes, lined by thousand-year-old terraces, scrubby vines seem to grow out of the bare schist.
The instruments set the scene with chords in a walking rhythm at the beginning, reflecting the heavy footsteps of the Abbe carrying the leper on his back.
Abbe Pierre regularly topped polls as France's most respected person.
The Rev Tim Brooke, the former minister of St Francis of Assisi in Radford, once worked with the legendary Abbe Pierre, the driving force behind the international Emmaus charity.