ABBLAssociation of Banks and Bankers of Luxembourg
ABBLAssociation des Banques et Banquiers du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Bankers Association)
ABBLArab Bangladesh Bank Limited (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
ABBLArab Bangladesh Bank Ltd.
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Though capitalization levels remain above the regulatory requirement, ABBL will benefit from reinforced levels of capital to support future growth and compete for a larger share in the market.
ABBL finds that Taxation Commissioner Algirdas Semeta's position "would be weakened" if the Rubik model were to be applied on a larger scale, because it represents an effective alternative solution to the system of automatic exchange of information, which the Commission wishes to make the general rule throughout the Union.
It is in this context that ABBL is urging the government of Luxembourg to "move in the same direction as Switzerland," though it acknowledges that the Rubik system is imperfect: investors lacking the means to relocate their fortune, to Singapore for example, in order to evade the income tax would be prisoners of the system; the situation of those inheriting money that they do not wish to declare risks being problematical in the future; certain tax loopholes would have to be eliminated; implementing costs would be considerable for banks, etc.