ABBMAmerican Board of Bariatric Medicine (Aurora, CO)
ABBMAssociazione Bergamasca Bande Musicali (Italian: Musical Bands Association of Bergamo; Italy)
ABBMArchery Big Bucks of Missouri (Columbia, MO)
ABBMAtlantic Branded Beef Management (Canada)
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28) One PRF was cut by scissors to produce small pieces and then mixed with ABBM granules with a particle size of 0.
In the control group, ABBM was prepared by pouring the particles into a sterile dappen dish and rehydrated with sterile saline, and graft material was placed on the defect; the defect was filled to the existing alveolar crest.
The present randomised clinical trial compared the use of ABBM alone (control group) to ABBM-PRF combination (test group) in surgical treatment of intra-bony defects.
To the best of our knowledge, to date, there have been no published reports which compare clinical and radiographical effects of ABBM with those of ABBM-PRF in the treatment of periodontal intra-bony defects.
30) compared ABBM with ABBM-PRP in human intra-bony defects and reported no significant differences between the two treatment groups.
In terms of vertical bone gain, the results of this study compare favourably with those reported in previous human studies with ABBM.
ABBM is an extensively researched material which has been successfully used alone for treatment of intra-bony and furcation defects, with a positive role in reducing PD, promoting CAL gain and enhancing defect fill in periodontal defects.
In conclusion, results of this study suggest that both ABBM alone and ABBM combined with PRF can be successfully used for treatment of intra-bony defects.
In the end, the ABBM and ASBP are building a medical community that is knowledgeable and prepared to deal with the obesity epidemic.