ABBMAmerican Board of Bariatric Medicine (Aurora, CO)
ABBMAssociazione Bergamasca Bande Musicali (Italian: Musical Bands Association of Bergamo; Italy)
ABBMArchery Big Bucks of Missouri (Columbia, MO)
ABBMAtlantic Branded Beef Management (Canada)
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The ABBM is an independent medical specialty board and administers the first and only exam that distinguishes physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, as having a knowledge base and specialized skills in the medical management of obesity.
The ABBM was originally organized as a committee of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) in 1970 and has been administering the certifying exam ever since.
FAFP, ABPP, ABBM, founder of American Institute, will continue as President and Clinical Director.
The ABBM is an independent medical specialty board responsible for certifying physicians and granting certificates of advanced training to nurse practitioners and physicians assistants in the practice of bariatric medicine.