ABBSApple Bulletin Board System
ABBSAssociation of Bicol Business Students (Philippines)
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The ABBS AMPS is currently undergoing full system testing, a blast test being scheduled for December 2014, and will be available for trial on customer vehicles early in 2015.
ABBS and other divisions have helped Stampede improve our products and technology.
Initial testing confirmed the system's principles and ABBS is now seeking partnership for shifting from concept to production.
I am confident that with ABBS we have created a centre of excellence for our growing number of broadband customers.
Called ABBS (Abdominals, Back, Balance and Stretching), this regimen consists of more than 30 targeted exercises focused on strengthening, stretching, flexibility and balance.
The training regimen is called ABBS (Abdominals, Back, Balance and Stretching), which consists of more than 30 targeted exercises.
To activate the new service plan, SimSim customers can simply send ABBS to 4554 and they will receive an automatic message confirming their subscription.