ABBTAcceptance-Based Behavioral Therapy (psychology)
ABBTAssociation of British Theatre Technicians (UK)
ABBTAfrican Bush Bird Tours
ABBTAssociation du Berger Blanc de Travail (French dog association)
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IIRA added that the ABBT is assigned a foreign currency rating of 'BB-/B' (Double B Minus / Single B), and a local currency rating of 'BB/B' (Double B / Single B), on the international scale.
The ratings assigned to ABBT derive strength from its high liquidity levels and institutional ownership.
The ABBT is of value for detecting impaired horizontal semicircular canal function, which indicates the presence of vestibulopathy on the side of the diminished response.
Everything else--it's decentering just the weather."--Pema Chodron * Mountain metaphor (MBCT) Present moment * Mindfulness exercises: mindfully eating a awareness raisin, 3-minute breathing space (MBCT) * Observing and describing emotions (DBT) Valued action * Passengers on a bus metaphor (ACT) * Shooting an arrow (Zen metaphor used in ABBT) * Quote: "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."--Jon Kabat-Zinn * Differentiating values from goals (ACT) Note.
in Sandt Ulrichsclosster/wie dann unnser voreltern vor vill jaren/alls ain annder abbt aus dem closster enttrunnen und die gult von ine haben wellen/auch gethan." StA A, KA 208, fol.
But the efforts of Mendelssohn, Abbt, Herder, and Schiller to understand poetic utterance in psychological terms might have been worth a closer look.
Again, in part 17, published in early 1764, letter 271 by Abbt (whom Herder greatly admired) takes up a claim made by Meier that, as Abbt puts it, "thoughts adhere and so-to-speak stick [kleben] to the expression." Abbt, far from disagreeing with this claim, only objects to Meier's implication of its originality, noting that it is a commonplace which he has himself long believed and which has appeared in many books.
Dearest ABBT Bongo: If there's a funeral or memorial service for me, after I check out, please please play "The Rock Will Wear Away" and "Find A Way" + "Brooklyn From the Roof" for me.
Enlightenment and Community: Lessing, Abbt, Herder and the Quest for a German Public, by Benjamin W.
Islamic International Rating Agency (IIRA) has assigned a foreign currency rating of 'BBC.../B' (Double B Minus / Single B), and a local currency rating of 'BB/B' (Double B / Single B), on the international scale to Al Baraka Bank Tunisia ('ABBT' or 'the bank').
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