ABCBSArkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield
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To facilitate the processing of these claims, ABCBS has set up what it calls the Advanced Health Information Network (AHIN) which links doctors offices and hospitals to ABCBS.
1, ABCBS contracted for a different price structure that is more in line with the prices being paid by competing insurers.
Additionally, ABCBS has embarked on a definitive business diversification strategy that is expected to strongly influence and add cohesiveness among mutual and not-for-profit Blue Plans in the southern region of the United States after bringing renewed focus and innovation to a broad suite of traditional ancillary products.
ABCBS maintains a substantial market share in Arkansas, which limits its future growth opportunities.
ABCBS is the sole national maintenance contractor of the computer software system used to process more than 160 million Medicare Part A claims nationwide.
Companies whose fortunes are tied to the agriculture industry saw revenue generally flat to lower in 2016, while those working in the health care industry--like ABCBS, Baptist Health (No.
Quillen said Air Evac has tried to get into the ABCBS network to provide the air services to its members for an agreedupon fee.
ABCBS employees are already using the new system to buy items including computer software and hardware, internal warehoused and print-on-demand forms, medical reference books and internal services such as copy center and operational support.
Meanwhile, 180 days had passed since Mounce was treated, meaning she missed the deadline to file her claim with ABCBS.
said Mark White, executive vice presort, vice president of financial services at ABCBS, noted other deciding factors in the vendor selection procity to demonstrate a real understanding of
Petroff joined ABCBS in 1992 as a systems analyst programmer, later moving up to lead systems analyst programmer and ITI project supervisor.
Nasdaq:NM/SCBI) today announced that it has signed a contract with Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield (ABCBS) covering consulting services SCB is to provide to help minimize or preclude the detrimental impact of the Year 2000 century date change on ABCBS.