ABCCCAirborne Command and Control Center
ABCCCAlton Bay Christian Conference Center (est. 1863; Alton Bay, NH)
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command & Control Center
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command & Control Communications
ABCCCAlta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center (Berkeley, CA)
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Some animals reach the minimum height requirement for definitive registry by the "Associacao Brasileira de Criadores de Cavalos Crioulos" (ABCCC) at the age of 24 months or more; whereas, others achieve heights that approach the maximum limit and have their registry denied, due to concerns that their height will eventually exceed the maximum limit.
(ABCCC) = n=1 summation over i=I{([Y.sub.i+1]+[Y.sub.i])/2}([t.sub.i+I]-[t.sub.i])
The ABCCC was originally developed in the 1960s during the Southeast Asia conflict.
[C.sup.2] platforms come in many shapes and sizes: USAF ABCCC in the form of a C-130, AWACS or JSTARS; Marine Direct Air Support Center (DASC) or DASC(Airborne); or USN E-2C.
Our role shifted from one of ABCCC to checking in aircraft in the south area-of-responsibility (AOR).
In the execution phase, the ground component commander may divert these aircraft to higher-priority targets through the collocated air support operations center, which coordinates with the air operations center, JSTARS, and/or ABCCC, which in turn directs inbound aircraft to the land component commander's highest-priority target.
van Geffen has flown in USAF aircraft like the B-1B Lancer, EC-130E ABCCC, Century fighters F--101B Voodoo, F--105F, and F--106B Delta Dart, F--15B ID Eagle and the F--16B Fighting Falcon.
During Desert Shield large training operations were regularly conducted (usually on Wednesday nights) involving AWACS, Rivet Joint, Tankers, ABCCC and interceptors.[15] The intent was to achieve an element of surprise at the start of the air war - which began on a Wednesday night.
However, the emergency beacon in their ejection capsule was broadcasting, and Moonbeam, the orbiting EC--130 ABCCC aircraft in northern Laos heard their beacon and reported it at 1512Z, or 2212 local time in Hanoi.
The Airborne Command and Control Center (ABCCC) is but one of the programs under the aegis of ESC/AV.
van Geffen has flown in USAF aircraft like the B-1B Lancer, EC-130E ABCCC, Century fighters F-101B Voodoo, F-105F, and F-106B Delta Dart, F-15B/D Eagle and the F-16B Fighting Falcon.
One mission planning resource that saw extensive use during Operation Desert Storm belongs to the Air Force's Airborne Battlefield Command Control Center (ABCCC) III.