ABCCCAirborne Command and Control Center
ABCCCAlton Bay Christian Conference Center (est. 1863; Alton Bay, NH)
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command & Control Center
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command & Control Communications
ABCCCAlta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center (Berkeley, CA)
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During operations in Kosovo, the ABCCC once again provided a key command and control link helping North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) air commanders to manage air support for Operation Allied Force.
forces, the EC-130E ABCCC platform was not available.
These distributed operations led to coordination problems between air and ground forces that were exacerbated by the absence of an ABCCC.
According to one account, "Without ABCCC to sort through the CAS requests and prioritize the missions of strike aircraft .
The latest version of the ABCCC (the third) represents a significant improvement over its predecessor.
The ABCCC III was delivered to the Air Force just in time for the start of Operation Desert Storm.
A total of seven ABCCC aircraft reside in the Air Force inventory, although their are eight ABCCC "capsules"; an eighth aircraft for the orphan capsule is currently on "the wish list," according to Major Carney.
For the duration of the exception, the company's NASDAQ symbol will be ABCCC.
The ABCCC III's battle management subsystem takes over from there, enabling the ABCCC III to fulfill its airborne battle management role.
In Desert Storm, the ABCCC III generated air tasking orders for specific sectors of the battlefield, according to ABCCC Program Director Larry Debelak at Paramax.
In addition to the IMOM and the ABCCC III capabilities, the Air Force leaned heavily during Operation Desert Storm on Mission Support System (MSS) II stations produced by Fairchild Defense.