ABCCSArchitecture, Bâches, Chapiteaux, Cirques, Structures (French: Architecture, Tarpaulins, Tents, Circus, Structures)
ABCCSArmy Battle Command & Control System
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In Cameroon, similar activities benefiting hundreds of communities are being delivered in the manioc and coffee sectors, where ABCCs have also included coffee washing, processing and simple tasting and food hygiene testing equipment that can work and be maintained in rural areas with intermittent or no mains electricity supplies.
In the manioc sector ABCCs are becoming social hubs for the communities they serve showing improvements in quality continuity and organization of harvest and supplies.
"One of the strengths of the ABCCS that's been demonstrated down at Ft.
Today I am re-presenting to the Parliament the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013 to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).
Following the double-dissolution election, which we called as a result of the Senate twice rejecting this legislation, we have a clear mandate to proceed with our election commitment to re-establishing the ABCC. Re-establishing the ABCC will boost economic growth and generate more jobs in the building and construction industry.
The case for re-establishing the ABCC is stronger now than when the Bill was first introduced in 2013.
The use of the ABCC examination powers will continue to be reviewed and reported on by the Commonwealth Ombudsman.
The code is intended to formally commence at the same time as the re-established ABCC. The Government remains firmly committed to the twin goals of addressing lawlessness in the building and construction industry while also improving safety.
In particular, the ABCC family includes 13 related ABC transporters that are able to transport structurally different lipophilic anions.