ABCD3Atp-Binding Cassette, Subfamily D, Member 3
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Koster et al., "A novel bile acid biosynthesis defect due to a deficiency of peroxisomal ABCD3," Human Molecular Genetics, vol.
ABCD3 Hs00161065_m1 15.79 (0.28) ABCD4 Hs00245390_ml 16.16 (0.25) ABCE1 Hs00759267_sl 13.29 (0.23) ABCF1 Hs001537D3_ml 15.81 (0.11) ABCF2 Hs00606493_ml 16.79 (0.12) ABCF3 HsOD217977_m1 15.31 (0.21) ABCG1 Hs00245154_ml 16.91 (0.19) ABCG2 Hs00184979_m1 n.e.
The A3946 is manufactured using Allegro's ABCD3 process and is supplied in a batwig 16-lead SOIC.