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ABCDEAnnual Bank Conference on Development Economics
ABCDEAirway Breathing Circulation Disability Exposure (prioritization of management of trauma patients)
ABCDEAirway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability and Exposure (EMS trauma)
ABCDEAssociation À But Culturel et de Développement Educatif (Paris, France)
ABCDEABCs of Dirty English (Russian dictionary explaining English bad words and expressions)
ABCDEAsymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter, Evolving (melanoma detection)
ABCDEAssociation des Banques Populaires pour la Cooperation et le Developpement (Paris, France)
ABCDEArkansas Bankers Coalition for Disasters and Emergencies
ABCDEAssociation of British Columbia Deans of Education (Canada)
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The ABCDE method also encourages and promotes early mobilization.
Although NMs typically fail to abide by the golden ABCDE criteria, the emphasis should still be on alerting the patient to the "E" criterion as the evolution of changes remains the most remarkable phenomenon within these lesions.
Utilizaremos una secuencia ABCDE, como la que guia el manejo del paciente con trauma, utilizada tambien en algunos de los cursos que difunden la ecografia (2).
People have more access to dermatologists than before, and we have new tools, like dermoscopy [which includes the widely used ABCDE criteria], to view details of a mole and detect earlier melanomas.
Other more ergonomic soft keyboard layouts such as DVORAK and ABCDE apparently improve typing comfort and speed, but many users and developers believe that these ought to be consigned to history in this era of small screens and broadband communications.
SPOTTING SKIN CANCER IS AS SIMPLE AS ABCDE SHAPE - Is one half Melanoma usually starts as a mole and it's only through early detection and removal that lives are saved.
These results support the implementation of the ABCDE Bundle in the ICU to improve patient outcomes.
The topics which were discussed in detail included Local Trauma Perspective, PTC System and ABCDE of Trauma, Airway and Breathing, Basic Airway, Advanced Airway, Chest Drain, C-Spine control and Log Roll, Head and Spinal Injuries, Limb injuries, Burns management.
Breaking Bad News Framework ABCDE Mnemonic A Advance Preparation B Build therapeutic environment / relationship C Communicate well D Deal with patient / family reactions E Encourage and validate emotions Adapted from Rabow, MW, McPhee, SJ.
They explain X-ray technology, hazards and precautions, views, normal anatomy, presenting a chest radiograph, and film quality, followed by their ABCDE method of interpretation, which covers airway, breathing, circulation, disability, and everything else, and include radiographs with and without color overlays of anatomy and pathology.