ABCDEFAdvanced Bonewits' Cult Danger Evaluation Frame (est. 1979)
ABCDEFAmerican Boys Club for the Defense of Errol Flynn
ABCDEFA Better Complete Development Engineering Firm (San Carlos, CA)
ABCDEFAbstinence, Be Faithful, Correct and Consistent Condom Use and Circumcision, Diaphragm for HIV Prevention, Exposure Prophylaxis, Female-Controlled Microbicides (approach to prevention of AIDS virus)
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The final words of each line of the first stanza appear in varied order in the next five stanzas, the order used by the Provencals being abcdef, faebdc, cfdabe, ecbfad, deacfb , and bdfeca.
Stromgren's novel narrow-band system made use of a photomultiplier (converting light into an electric signal), the so-called abcdef system, which was a six-color system like the UVBGRI.
In Figure 1, earnings profiles for regular faculty and for the department head are given by the lines JKLM and ABCDEF, respectively.
0.127 8.803 Dietary Supplement DIS[L.sub.2] A (IU/kg) D (IU/kg) ([micro]m/d) DIS[L.sub.t] ([micro]m/d) 0 0 56.14 (h) 59.85 (e) 500 69.77 (bcdefg) 70.00 (bcde) 1,000 71.62 (abcdef) 75.07 (abcd) 5,000 76.97 (abcd) 78.31 (abc) 1,000 0 61.54 (fg) 65.57 (de) 500 77.37 (abc) 77.54 (abcd) 1,000 81.40 (ab) 81.34 (ab) 5,000 82.54 (a) 84.19 (a) 100,000 0 63.54 (efg) 67.82 (cde) 500 75.92 (abcde) 76.01 (abcd) 1,000 79.74 (abc) 81.23 (ab) 5,000 81.71 (ab) 81.84 (ab) 1,000,000 0 58.11 (gh) 59.65 (e) 500 64.47 (defg) 67.08 (cde) 1,000 67.63 (cdefg) 70.77 (bcde) 5,000 67.59 (cdefg) 70.18 (bcde) ANOVA A 0.000 0.000 D 0.000 0.000 A x D 0.408 0.869 Pooled s.e.
Scores) -1.69 0.92 Presweetened Cereal 1.89 (abcdef) 3.86 (akm) Candy 3.54 (abcdef) 4.76 (am) Potato/Corn Chips 3.30 (abcdef) 5.00 (alm) Powdered Drink Mixes 1.76 (abdf) 3.05 (akm) Regular Sodas 3.78 (cde) 3.86 (j) Convenience Foods (Std.
Petrarch's sestinas match the defining traits of the metrical form created by Arnaut Daniel: the rhyme scheme ABCDEF, the use of rhyme-words, and the permutation, called retrogradatio cruciata in medieval Latin tradition (Alighieri, De vulgari eloquentia 245), that leads each rhyme-word artfully through all six positions in six stanzas.
All the letters may change from word to word (cab-fed has one substitution set, ABCDEF, and ears-debt has two substitution sets, ABCDE and RST).
[2] An exchange rate movement, [e.sub.0] [right arrow] [e.sub.1] [right arrow] [e.sub.2] [right arrow] [e.sub.3] [right arrow] [e.sub.4] [right arrow] [e.sub.5], pleads to a hysteresis loop determined by ABCDEF. In contrast, the corresponding hysteresis loop under certainty (as described in Belke and Gocke [1998]) is depicted by the dotted path AH KM.
We go to ABCDEF TV in Cincinnatipolis for live after-matchializationism on the thrilling three- to-two World League of Milwaukee triple-header with our man Art Schaubenzeidler III...