ABCDEFAdvanced Bonewits' Cult Danger Evaluation Frame (est. 1979)
ABCDEFAmerican Boys Club for the Defense of Errol Flynn
ABCDEFA Better Complete Development Engineering Firm (San Carlos, CA)
ABCDEFAbstinence, Be Faithful, Correct and Consistent Condom Use and Circumcision, Diaphragm for HIV Prevention, Exposure Prophylaxis, Female-Controlled Microbicides (approach to prevention of AIDS virus)
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In conclusion, for delirium in critically ill patients, we should recognize the importance of delirium, have a correct understanding and evaluation of delirium, comply with the iPAD and ABCDEF management strategies, strengthen teamwork spirit of the intensive care team to prevent the occurrence of delirium, treat delirium effectively, improve medical care, and better the prognosis of patients.
5], pleads to a hysteresis loop determined by ABCDEF.
We go to ABCDEF TV in Cincinnatipolis for live after-matchializationism on the thrilling three- to-two World League of Milwaukee triple-header with our man Art Schaubenzeidler III.
In Figure 1, earnings profiles for regular faculty and for the department head are given by the lines JKLM and ABCDEF, respectively.
If the six-factor interaction of ABCDEF is of interest, the PAP can be obtained as follows: (for example), from Table IV, IP(ABCDEFI) = IP(GHIJK) = 0, IP(ABCDEFA) = IP(BCDEF) = 0, etc; from Table III, IP(ABCDEFG) = IP(HIJK) = 4, etc.