ABCDEFGA Battle Concerning Delightfully Exciting Fine Gems (video)
ABCDEFGAccess to Biological Collection Databases Extended for Geosciences (Extensible Markup Language schema)
ABCDEFGA Basic Citizen's Definitive Electronic Freedom Guide
ABCDEFGA Boy Can do Everything for A Girl (movie)
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The ABCDEFG model helps simplify postpartum management of GDM, encourages regular follow up, healthy lifestyle and child bearing practices, and facilitates achievement of optimal cardiometabolic goals.
Here's a feeble go at a Musical (ABCDEFG) Mary, mostly phonetic with some rewording:
You know, ABCDEFG 12345678910 were the lyrics, and that sort of minimal, non-traditional opera dialogue--if you ever saw the libretto for one of Phil's operas, it's hilarious.
The only antitoxins available are equine antitoxin from CDC (neutralizing antibodies against BoNT/A, /B, and /E) and an investigational heptavalent (against ABCDEFG) antitoxin.
Put yourself into a thiefs shoes - dont even think about using an overly simplified password such as 12345678, 222222, abcdefg. Avoid sequential passwords or using passwords derived from the use of adjacent letters on your keyboard; this will not make your password secure.
In a separate vessel combine H and, when uniform, add to ABCDEFG. When the batch is uniform add I.
ESET's Abrams offers examples of the kind of trouble uninformed users can get into: "If the policy is not to tell anyone your password, then users need to know that when they receive a call from someone who says he is from the help desk and tells them to change their password to 'abcdefg,' it is the same thing as telling someone their password if they accept what someone else told them to make their password."
So yes, Tryst, we sing full of joy songs like, "ABCDEFG, I know Jesus died for me." It sounds a simple song, but it expresses a far more amazing truth.
Table 3: Identifying Individuals with CKD ([dagger]) Using ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes from Inpatient and Outpatient Records: 83,338 Individuals with CKD and 180,392 Individuals without CKD ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Sensitivity Sensitivity Code Groups * True+N (%) False+N (%) Individuals with 1, and only 1, code from any group ABCDEFG 11,067 13.3 6,843 96.2 Individuals with at least 1 code from t the groups A 16,864 20.2 1,034 99.4 AB 29,355 35.2 4,168 97.7 ABC 32,255 38.7 8,035 95.5 ABCD 33,454 40.1 8,736 95.2 ABODE 33,884 40.7 9,106 9.5 ABCDEF 34,151 41.0 9,551 93.5 ABCDEFG 35,318 42.4 12,317 93.2 Total Individuals 83,338 180,392 * See Table 1 for individual ICD-9-CM codes contained within Diagnosis Code Groups.
He explained: "In the early days of Dada (the father of surrealism), I received for review, a book containing the following poem: ABCDEFG H I J KLMNOP QRS TUV WX Y & Z
And how would we live without MPEG-4; MPEG-7; MPEG-21; JPEG-2000; DIG-35; ICE; IPV4; COM; DOM; CORBA; JINI; XSL; MathML; SMIL; SVG; CSS; CSS3; SOAP; XQuery; XPath; XForms; TCP/IP; FML; FTML; WML; NAAML; BOB; ADA; LISP; PASCAL; Turbo PASCAL; C; C++; C#; CCRider; R-E-S-P-E-C-T; SOS; ABCDEFG; 123; !@#$!!!; EJB; J2EE; ActiveX; Microsoft Money; Microsoft Send Us All Your Money; Microsoft Hey!