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"It is necessary to recognize the oligopoly," she added, referring to when a market is dominated by a small number of sellers, like the grain sector is by the ABCDs.
Murphy was a consultant on a recent report, "( Cereal Secrets ," published by Oxfam -- an international confederation of organizations that advocates to end poverty and injustice globally -- that details how the ABCDs have cornered the market on food commodities and alleges they prevented the development of a more equitable and secure food system.
"We realize now the importance of being able to identify melanomas when they're even smaller than what we dealt with in 1985," when the ABCD screening criteria were first adopted, said Dr.
The simplest way to help physicians and the public remember the lethal potential of smaller lesions is to expand the ABCD criteria (Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color variegation, and Diameter greater than 6 mm) to include "Evolving" and thus extend screening to the lesions that fall below the 6 mm diameter threshold and meet at least one of the ABC criteria, he suggested in a telephone interview with this newspaper.
In fact, a change in a mole is the earliest finding and can lead to the diagnosis of melanoma in the absence of the ABCD physical diagnostic criteria, he said.
In contrast to the physical characteristic emphasis of the American ABCD approach, the British system of melanoma diagnosis, which involves the use of a seven-point checklist, strongly emphasizes the historic aspect of a suspicious lesion.
The ABCD Consortium consists of a Coordinating Center, a Data Analysis and Informatics Center, and 21 research sites across the country.
One important goal of the ABCD Study is to create a unique data resource for the entire scientific community by embracing an open science model.
The ugly duckling--the outlier, the exceptional nevus, the one that looks different from the others--is more likely to be a melanoma, even if it does not exhibit the classic features ascribed to melanoma in the ABCD rule.
That 85% sensitivity when the ugly duckling sign was applied by nonclinicians is much higher than the percentage seen in studies of the ABCD method, Dr.