ABCFMAmerican Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions (Boston, Massachusetts)
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In 1845, the Glasgow Emancipation Society published a pamphlet accusing the ABCFM of using the good name of the Reverend Chalmers "to build up a system the most impious, unjust, and anti-Christian, that perhaps ever was attempted to be established by men calling themselves by the name of Christ.
In 1833, as he began his final year of study, Parker reactivated his application to the ABCFM, which approved him for service and assigned him to China following his expected graduation in September 1834.
By the early 1900s, the ABCFM had rejected its initial emphasis on preaching and was prioritizing what Sharon Taylor calls "cultural redemption" through education and medicine (p.
Wells Williams resigned from the ABCFM in 1857 and joined the U.
Paul Harris's essay on ABCFM general secretary Rufus Anderson is a case in point.
While the creation of the ABCFM is largely attributed to the activism of Mills and his companions and to the ideas of Edwards and Hopkins, several critical developments are missing in this story.
Samuel Fairbank's significance lies not only in the particular accomplishments of his lifetime but also in his legacy carried on by succeeding generations of Fairbanks in India and beyond--what became known in the ABCFM as "the Fairbank Saga.
The interaction between these two contentions can be observed as they were implemented, first, in the ABCFM Jaffna Mission in Ceylon in the years leading up to 1855 and, second, in the Reformed Church of America Arcot Mission from 1853 until the end of the century.
The first Gulicks to be employed as missionaries by the ABCFM were Peter and his wife, Fanny.
In the face of strong resistance from the indigenous churches (Orthodox and Eastern Catholic) and at the urging of its own missionaries and their early converts, ABCFM revised its policy.
8) In 1811 he became treasurer of the ABCFM, America's first foreign mission board, and a member of its governing Prudential Committee; in 1821 he became corresponding secretary.