ABCFMAmerican Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions (Boston, Massachusetts)
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Lyman Beecher, for example, a famous, early member of the ABCFM, delivered a sermon asserting that "the Heathen" everywhere are
ABCFM missionaries were the first Americans who came into contact with the Near Eastern natives socially and culturally.
(90.) See William Richards' Report to the Sandwich Islands Mission on His First Year in Government Service, 1838-1839 (Letter from William Richards to ABCFM (May 1, 1839)), in FIFTY-FIRST ANNUAL REPORT OF THE HAWAIIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY 65-69 (1942); 22 Levi Chamberlain, Journal, at 1 (entry of Aug.
She also stresses the importance of these relationships, arguing persuasively that ABCFM missionaries (Hawaii's first missionaries) made evangelical headway there in large part because the wives among them proved to be useful to the country's powerful female rulers.
(7) Barton's views and those of the ABCFM did not reflect the sentiments of all mission organizations.
Beginning with the introduction of manual labor and manual training as part of the education provided Native Americans by the missions of the ABCFM's to the training offered seminary candidates at the American Protestant theologies, the missionaries sent to Hawaii were very prepared to infuse this curriculum into the schools there (Berkhofer 1965).
victory in the war prompted ABCFM missionaries to embrace evangelistic methods that featured state violence and confinement as acceptable, if not providentially prompted means for effecting American Indian conversion.
Firstly, he contends that the records of ABCFM missionaries reveal that these missionaries were overwhelmingly New Englanders, and this impacted their mission approach.
Medhurst's accounts of his travels in West Borneo greatly influenced the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM), which coordinated missions for several Protestant church bodies in the USA.
As a case study, it focuses on Protestant missionaries affiliated with the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) who interacted with the Dakotas of southern Minnesota from 1835 to 1862.
[1] The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) was the first missionary agency to start mission work in the Middle East.