ABCFMAmerican Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions (Boston, Massachusetts)
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ABCFM missionaries were the first Americans who came into contact with the Near Eastern natives socially and culturally.
During the antebellum period, the ABCFM funded boarding schools for the "Five Civilized Tribes" of the southeast and for Metis peoples of the old northwest.
The official record of the ABCFM is silent on the matter, but a number of theories have been advanced to explain this mysterious transaction.
Even before the abolition of the ancient Hawaiian religious system, an interdenominational religious body, the ABCFM whose membership was predominately Presbyterian and Congregational, had sent the first company of missionaries to Hawai'i.
Chartered in 1812, the ABCFM was the nation's first foreign mission agency.
Unlike the aloof, paternalistic, and high-toned Congregationalists of the ABCFM," McLoughlin writes, "the more pragmatic and democratic Baptists gave a social and political meaning to mission work and participatory egalitarianism to church activities (p.
Initially Lahainaluna was designated as a high school designed by the missionaries and funded by the ABCFM to prepare teachers for the common schools.
In October 1831 Parker applied to the ABCFM for missionary service and began graduate studies at Yale in both theology and medicine, with a view to service in China.
Gale, president of Oneida Institute, Reverend Rufus Anderson, secretary of the ABCFM, and Reverend Edward Beecher, president of Illinois College were the prominent members of this meeting.
As coeditor Clifford Putney notes in his helpful introduction, the ABCFM was the first American organization to sponsor overseas missions and the largest American foreign missions organization of the 1800s.
The demands of his medical work left Peter Parker with no time for evangelism, causing him pangs of guilt and eventually leading the ABCFM to discontinue its support for him.