ABCFSAustralian Breast Cancer Family Study
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The datasets used for evaluating ABCFS performance and their features are as follows: the number of classes, the number of samples, the number of features and the number of selected features, which are given in Table 5.
ABCFS + SVM method test results developed for the hepatitis dataset, liver disorders dataset and diabetes datasets are given in Pseudocode 3.
(2009) [5] LDA-ANFIS Bascil and Temurtas (2011) [6] MLNN (MLP) + LM (10-fold CV) Our study ABCFS + SVM (10-fold CV) Author (year) Classification accuracy (%) Polat and Gunes (2006) 1] 92.59 Polat and Gunes (2007) [ 2] 94.12 76.00 Polat and Gunes (2007) 3] 94.12 Kahramanli and Allahverdi (2009) [4] 96.8 Dogantekin et al.